Don’t Bite Your Tongue!

It is intuitive to respect people who clearly respect and honour themselves.

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What we hear as the listener is as impactful and relevant as is what we do not hear. What we say, how we choose to say it, as the communicator, is as equally significant and profound. As a manifester, visualizer, as someone who is fiercely committed to establishing and executing on both short and long-term goals, who is results-oriented and whose mindset is trained to hone and master the concept of clarity – I have the first-hand personal experience of knowing what does and what does not materialize, what does and what does not come to tangible fruition based on wishy-washy wording vs. specific and definitive dialoguing/wording in both the written and spoken word. For example, I am a big believer and implementer of self-proclamations, specifically, I AM statements. I speak my truth and goals into existence by being exact, by being specific, by being detailed and precise which is congruent with self-truth, self-belief, self-determination, and with self-discipline. I AM as opposed to I HOPE (to be) is likely to wield the desired results due to an expressed conviction as it pertains to confidence, belief systems, and thought processes.

Communication is indeed the core foundation for any successful relationship – this I wholeheartedly believe and subscribe to from both a personal and a professional perspective! Knowing how profoundly powerful language, and the use of language is, especially when in a leadership role, I am both emphatic and mindful with those who hire me in a coaching/mentoring capacity, with my children, with friends, peers, colleagues, and more importantly with myself, when I post on social media, when I blog, write books, and when I speak on stage. I am forever mindful of the non-negotiable significance in ones choosing of which words to use to dialogue with and to impart ones own message out into the world regardless of whether it is a conversation with self, or in a one on one exchange, to a group of individuals or to the collective as often spoken about by myself with weekly radio guests. This I have come to learn and incorporate into goal-setting, strategizing, pitching, negotiating, mediating, counselling, and masterminding.

The more self-empowered we are as individuals – the more worthy and deserving we authentically believe ourselves to be as human beings – then the more concise and powerful our messaging and our delivery is. How we interact with the external world is indicative of how we dialogue with our inner selves. There is a direct correlation between our choice of thoughts with our choice of words and our choice of actions. If we are crystal clear with ourselves as to who we are, what we believe, what we identify and proclaim as our standards, our purpose, our identity, our objectives this then becomes the bill-board for how we introduce and portray ourselves to the rest of the world. Others outside of us no matter their specific relationship to us will intuitively be able to discern for themselves to the degree that what we say and how we choose to say it based upon our choice of wording, is or is not – congruent with our body language, our presence, our outcomes and our results.

When something is fundamentally important to me, I approach my quest of wanting (not wishing) to achieve it, accomplish it, cement it, and so forth with the languaging of stating to myself, ‘I MUST do this,’ rather than saying, ‘I hope I can do this.’ The words we choose to say to ourselves, no differently than the words we choose to speak aloud to others, will in fact determine credibility and legitimacy with respect to meaning, truth, responsibility, accountability, results, impact, value, resonance, buy-in, and so forth. When we are committed to our own growth – growth nurtured and cultivated based on what we use for nourishment and sustenance – words, beliefs, and actions being synonymous with water, food, and fertilizer – it is then and only then that we can measure our own barometer for integrity. When we are integral with self – we are integral with others. When we declare our commitment to truth within spoken and written word we are in essence, instilling trust, we are in essence demonstrating the direct and in-direct ways in which we are reliable, dependable, notable and even quotable.

It is intuitive to respect people who clearly respect and honour themselves. When a person has a demonstrated track record for ‘doing’ and ‘saying’ resulting in the same thing – when intent is intertwined with result – when word is solidified through action – when solutions supersede problems – when focus dictates momentum and momentum parlays into harnessed habits – then you know firsthand that you are well-versed with the languaging, which best serves you, and best serves others.

I parallel the usage and implementation of empowering wording/statements to that of coupon-cutting, and portfolio-investment. What do I mean by this you may ask? What I mean is, currency is not restricted to monies. Value is not restricted, limited or specific to monies, although monies tends to be the universal language many prefer to focus on and in many cases; solely focus on. If the ‘tool,’ ‘resource,’ to further assist you in getting ahead such as the ‘coupon’ or ‘stocks’ is at your disposal – is made accessible to you – has the benefits and advantages of one getting more bang for their buck – then why not utilize it – why not capitalize on it – why not share it? Why incur unnecessary expense and invite an avoidable misuse of resources when easily circumventable? Why not view the coupon as an option or as a choice to help you with getting farther ahead as opposed to falling further behind? Why not do what is of best service to yourself? Why not employ all that is at your fingertips, which assists you in establishing a win-win scenario for yourself? Why care more about using coupons, or investing your monies to pro-actively help yourself than be as equally invested or concerned with the words you elect to use so as to be in complete alignment with every aspect of your life? Use the cost-effective coupons AND use the self-empowering words! Choose to be powerful from within. Choose to emit those magnetic energies to the rest of the world – in your speech, in your written word, in your delivery, in your work, in your relationships, in your goal-setting, in your body language – in your EVERYTHING! Choose to be a WINNER! Choose to be a WARRIOR! Choose to live your life ON PURPOSE! Choose to own your place in this world! Choose to think big, play big, be big and proudly share your gifts, skills, talents, passions, and messages from a place of absolute conviction, self-love, and self-respect!

Be the game-changer, be the soul-stirrer, be the example, be the inspiration, be the reason, be the messenger. Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend. Life as we all know, is far too precious and too fleeting to be anything other than your best, your healthiest, your most joy-filled, your most purposeful. I challenge you to RISE – today, and every other day you are afforded this gift we call LIFE!

BE AWESOME! BE YOU! Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!

Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa

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