Bianca Banks Discusses New Podcast Platform and Mental Health

Bianca Banks goes in-depth with her podcast inspiration and how she is using it to give a voice to women of color.

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Bianca Banks, actress and former star of Bravo’s Invite Only Cabo, has officially branched out and started her own podcast platform titled The MND Show which is streamed through Dash Radio. Bianca hosts the show alongside her daughter, Jasmine Shannon. Jasmine is a professional dancer and choreographer who has danced for the NBA, and alongside stars like Kanye West, Lil Mama, OT Genasis, and many more. 

Bianca and Jasmine’s podcast platform is based on telling stories of women who are building successful lives and legacies and giving a voice to women of color. During such polarizing times in our society, there has never been a more important opportunity to embrace and emphasize the significance of hearing from women of color and championing their stories. Through sharing their intimate experiences, Bianca and her daughter Jasmine hope to bring different perspectives to close the generational gap between people of similar ages to her and her daughter. Their podcast encompasses current events, trending issues, as well as personal stories, and they are always seeking new ways to use their platform to empower women from all walks of life. Starting her podcast and getting out of the entertainment industry has also helped to improve her mental health. Health and wellness are incredibly important to Bianca and she makes a point to stress the significance of this matter. 

In this exclusive interview Bianca talks about her inspiration behind the podcast, the transition from the entertainment industry into the podcast business, and how she prioritizes her mental health. Bianca is a savvy businesswoman and her podcast has made an amazing impact already. 

What inspired you to start a podcast?

I’ve always been a great conversationalist and I’m passionate about learning about others. For years I’ve wanted to launch this platform. My inspiration was my journey, a single mother dedicated to parenthood and success. I hope that through our platform we can encourage mothers and daughters to talk openly and honestly. Wishing that our conversation helps to impress upon the union of mother and daughter that it is critical to converse and to learn one another respectfully. Life always presents challenges and it is a wonderful feeling having your children can lean on you.

Have you and your daughter become closer since you started your podcast together? 

This platform has actually challenged us in so many aspects where we’ve never been challenged before as a unit. I think because we are so close, we bump heads.. and in this venture, our roles are a little more defined as business partners, so it’s an uncharted lense.  The key in any relationship when facing disagreements though is conflict resolution, how you problem solve.

What was your goal when you started your podcast? 

Hopefully, we encourage those that feel intimidated or afraid to exercise their voice and inner feelings.  I love people and if I could I would help and lend a hand to so many. As a leader, I feel a responsibility to those that want to be heard and to hopefully penetrate and uplift so many that feel that they are not heard. As women, we encounter so many issues that are swept under the rug, and I’m not a rug sweeper. I want to reveal and navigate together..mothers have a responsibility to their daughters, especially those of color (the triple minority).

What made you make the transition from the entertainment industry, such as appearing on Bravo, to wanting to start your own podcast business? 

In my eyes, podcast and radio is still a form of entertainment, just a different expression. 

How do you prioritize your mental health while also putting a significant amount of time and effort into your career and your podcast? 

First, keeping your faith in God. I start my day with a prayer and gratitude before any work or social media. God is first. Exercise, walking, swimming, running, eating well, and conscious all contribute to a healthy lifestyle and healthy mental balance.

Have you seen a change in your mental health or your stress levels now that you’ve started your own podcast? 

It is stressful because it is not only me. When working with someone else it’s so important to be on the same page. I think for Jasmine and I that has been a challenge.

Do you think the entertainment industry as well as the podcast industry as a whole put enough emphasis on the importance of mental health? 

Not enough. Recently we’ve seen so many in the entertainment industry suffer from lack of mental stability. I think that oftentimes public figures get sort of turned into revenue streams so much so that the human side is overlooked.

Are you currently working on any new projects? 

I’m ALWAYS working on new projects! lol. Whatever comes my way!

How do you practice wellness in your daily life? 

Exercise, cooking, reading. I’m always encouraging my children to exercise or experience new things and places.

What’s something people may not know about you? 

Ohh that I’m adopted and that I played classical piano for 8 years.

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