Battling Stress and Burnout When Working as a Social Media Manager

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the use of social media making it a vital element of marketing regardless of the industry you choose to venture in.

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Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the use of social media making it a vital element of marketing regardless of the industry you choose to venture in. For this reason, social media practitioners play a vital role in the initiatives of businesses than ever. After all, they manage brand reputation, detect trends, and deploy customer service.

However, it’s getting harder and harder for social media professionals to work.   Being a demanding job together with the nature of social media platforms, it is common to come across professionals who are struggling to battle stress and burnout.  So how can social media managers combat stress and burnout? Here are three techniques to employ.

  • Strike a Balance Between Customer Care and Self-Care

Customer care has an important role to play in the success of any social strategy even though it requires thoughtful engagement, attention to detail, and time. Nevertheless, most social media managers can attest to the fact that replying to complaints and comments can prove to be stressful.

Social media managers responding to comments and complaints not only prioritize the people they’re interacting with but also any other person who might come across the public exchange.  They, therefore, have the pressure to come up with the perfect message without compromising on anything.

To avoid some of the stress that emanates from responding to comments and complaints, you can come up with a response protocol. Start by analyzing why customers contact you on social media, the reasons behind them, and how to offer the perfect response.  That way, you’ll no longer have to come up with a new foundation for giving a response in the face of every mean comment.

  • Count on Your Community

It is human nature to desire and look for connections. After all, that is the main reason behind social, right? If you’re dealing with stress and burnout, your team and other professionals in the world of social media can prove helpful. Talk about your issues openly and create norms that can help you overcome the issue at hand.  Better, spend some time outside the workplace, and bond together as a team.

If your organization happens to have a smaller team of social media professionals, seek additional help from industry peers. For those who can offer support, it would be better to help others battling with stress and burnout.

  • Take a Break from Technology

Who said you have to spend most of your time helping customers get verified on Facebook or responding to comments and complaints on social media? Take a digital detox and give yourself time and space to unwind if you’re to handle stress and burnout when working as a social media manager.  Your mental health is of great importance and hence you cannot risk losing everything.

Even though some people believe work is a true embodiment of life’s purpose and one’s identity, you must also prioritize your passions outside the workplace. So focus on an immersive hobby that will help you shift your attention inward.

Final Thoughts

When you’re passionate about something, you’ll always give it your all no matter what. Nevertheless, you must also maintain healthy routines and give yourself time to recharge. You do not want to make your life a living hell simply because you ignored the signs of stress and burnout.  Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will serve as a good starting point in your quest to battling stress and burnout when working as a social media manager.

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