5 Hypnosis Tricks To Help You In Life

5 Simple Mind Tricks To Improve Your Life…

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5 Hypnosis Tricks

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I use several simple mind techniques to make life easier. They don’t require years of study or otherworldly powers. They are simple, easy to apply, and can be used straight away. But they have a powerful positive influence on your life. And best of all, they’re free!

Here’s some techniques I use in every day life. They help me in various ways, and can help you too. My favourite is the third one…

Get In Your Bubble
Seek Comfort In Your Protective Bubble

Sometimes it’s difficult going to unfamiliar situations. A job interview is a classic. You arrive at a strange place, meet people you don’t know, and talk about yourself intimately. This is a rare situation to find yourself in. And it’s natural to feel threatened.

A good technique to help is to imagine a protective bubble around you. Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed imagining a protective bubble around you, and say to yourself the word “bubble” several times.

Once you’ve done this, use it immediately to retain your self programming. Go somewhere that’s just a little daunting and say to yourself the word “bubble”. Notice how much better you feel.

Hear The Crowd Roar
The Roar Of A Crowd Can Spur You On

It’s well established in psychology that cheering crowds help raise performance. That’s why athletes often attempt to gee up the crowd. And why “home advantage” is so important.

When playing sport or at the gym, I imagine a crowd cheering me on. I see masses of people in my mind. I hear the roar of the crowd spurring me on. Chanting my name, cheering and clapping. It’s incredible how much difference this makes.

Try this next time you are playing sport or at the gym. Let me know how it goes.

Breathe Slowly And Deeply
You Can’t Be Stressed If You’re Breathing Calmly

This is my personal favourite…

We all feel nervous and anxious at times. But this technique is fantastic. It’s simple but so powerful. If you were to use only one technique from this article, use this…

When you’re feeling anxious, your breathing becomes shallow, quick and erratic. To combat these feeling of anxiety, simply reverse these breathing trends.

Consciously breathe slowly, deeply, and evenly. You can do this at any time and in any situation. No one will know you are doing it. And almost instantly you calm down.

Try it right now. Even though you might not being feeling that anxious. Just try 5 slow, deep, even breathes.

Feel a more relaxed? Try this again when in a stressful situation. I promise you it helps.

The “Power Break”
Take A Few Minutes Out For A “Power Break”

Sometimes we have a lot on during the day. You might have been running around for hours, and have only a few minutes until you’re running around again.

What you need is a “Power Break”. With this technique you can enjoy an hours worth of relaxation in just 5 minutes. Here’s what you do…

Go to a room by yourself and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Either sit or lie down. (I personally prefer to lie down).

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly, deeply and evenly, like we discussed in the previous technique. On every out breath say to yourself the word “relax”, and count your breaths.

So you would say “Relax 1”; “Relax 2”; “Relax 3”…and so on. Do this on every out breathe for as long as you wish. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, you will feel much more relaxed than you would having a coffee break.

Float Off To Sleep
Float Away To Dream Land

Sometimes it’s difficult to get to sleep. The previous technique can help with this. But here’s another one I use to help me get to sleep.

When I’m in bed I close my eyes and use my imagination. I imagine floating out of my body and travelling somewhere pleasant.

It can be anywhere, such as a tropical beach, a garden, to visit family, or go sight seeing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real place or imagined. Or whether you’ve been there before. Just imagine being at this place and enjoying the experience.

This allows me to quickly drift off to sleep. This technique also increases creative abilities if you do it regularly. You become better at imagining places in greater detail, which has a great knock on effect for your creativity.

Final Thoughts

These simple techniques have significantly helped me, and many people I have shown them to. They are simple enough to be used right away, without any skills required. But make profound differences to the quality of life.

Please give them a try! The more you use them, the more they help you.

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