5 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life

Make your daily life easier with technology

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Technology is improving day by day, companies launch hundreds of gadgets each year to improve the lives of their consumers. We have selected the few gadgets which will think that will improve your life. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

XY4+ Key Finder

XY4+ Key Finder is a Bluetooth tracking device which is a must-have gadget if you take your laptop to your office. You can also find it very useful if you often misplace your keys and you can attach your keys to the XY4+ Key Finder. The best thing about XY4+ Key Finder is that you can easily locate your tracker with your smartphone.

The Tracker comes with smartphone application which is available for both Android and IOS. You can also customize the default distance, for example, if you attached it to your wallet or leys and you set the range to 300 ft. once you cross the 300 ft., the application will notify you that you have left your keys and the vast XY community also work as “Lost & found network”. The battery in XY4+ Key Finder is long-lasting and it is replaceable. However, you will have to replace it after 3-5 years.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi is known for its affordable products and Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is one of the most affordable fitness trackers you can buy in 2018. Mi Band comes with top of the line features like a Heart-rate monitor, step counting, sleep tracking, idle tracking, and many more good features. The only downside is that it doesn’t have the GPS so it depends on your personal preference where it is deal-breaker for you or not.

The overall design of Mi Band 3 is futuristic and build quality is also top-notch, you can use this band for years. Its subtle design makes it easy to use for both men and women. Battery life of Mi Band 3 is also very impressive, with a single charge you can use it for a month. Its price is $34.86 which is a bargain at this price point. If you do a lot of office work then you must have the Mi Band 3 to track your fitness. If you want the GPS in your fitness tracker then you can go for “Moov Now” which come with GPS functionality and it is available for $42.

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC – Power Bank

Smartphone these days are really smart, they can help us to get the things done in no time and with large screens, we can check our official emails and presentations on the go, but they are not good with their battery life. The average screen-on time on smartphones is less 4 hours and every professional must have a good power bank which you can use to power-up your smartphone on the go.

There are tons of options available in the market but in our opinion, Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC Power Bank is the best. It comes with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 which allow you to charge your device very quickly, however, for using this feature, your smartphone must support the quick charging. Most of the flagships these days support the Quick charge so if your phone is new then this won’t be an issue for you. Even if your smartphone doesn’t support quick charging, you can normally charge your phone to 50% within 1 hour. This Power bank also comes with state of the art “Heat-Control” technology which is patented by Anker and it ensures that your power bank never overheats. It is available for $39.99 on Amazon with 18 months official warranty.

Tigress Alert – Personal Self-Defense system

Women are playing a crucial role in the modern world but it is also true that many women face harassment and other problems at their workplace and other places. So it is evident to have the self-defense gadget with yourself to protect yourself and Tigress Alert is an awesome gadget which will compel the person attacking you to run away. It is inspired by the military and it is used as “call for help” gadget.

When you activate the Tigress Alert, it emits 130 decibel sound which is loud enough so that you will have everyone’s attention and just to give you a perspective, 130 decibel sound is equivalent to fighter jet taking off from an air carrier. Attackers don’t want to draw the public attention and Tigress Alert will help you get the attention of the people around you. You can easily attach it with your keychain and it is available for only $13 at Amazon.

Fidget Cube

Stress is the real issue in the modern world and most of the people at professional space have to deal with the work stress. Fidget Toys like Fidget Cube, Fidget spinners have become the important desk tool for the people who face a lot of stress. Some people also use Fidget cube in a brainstorming session, waiting or thinking about something new. The best thing about the Fidget Cube is that it won’t disturb your thought process and at the same time your fingers will have something to play with. So if you are looking for a gadget to play with while thinking about something then we recommend you to go for a Fidget cube. It is available for around $12 at Amazon.

There are also some other great gadgets like automated home systems, Air purifiers, wireless chargers, E-reader which you can use to improve your life. Also, visit TheGoodGears.com for more useful guides and reviews.

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