25 Traits of Amazingly Successful CEOs

25 Successful Traits that Every CEO Needs to Adopt

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Every great business has a successful CEO. 

Whether it’s a multimillion dollar corporation or the local startup down the street, there’s a brilliant mind fueling its success. 

There are a lot of great CEOs out there, leading their companies in amazing ways every day. No matter how different their industries, they all have something in common, and that’s traits that equal success.

Here are 25 of those traits that have made them so successful.

  1. They’re Decisive: Successful CEOs know that making decisions should be what they do best. They don’t chance missing opportunities due to failure to act. What if they make the wrong decision? Consider it a growing experience and move on.

  1. They Bring Others Along: There’s no such thing as a one-man army when running a company. Great CEOs know this and include others in building a vision, setting goals and mapping action.

  1. They Act with a Sense of Purpose: If you don’t act like you know what you’re doing, you have no business being a CEO. Their purpose is to guide and protect the company, and they constantly think and act with that purpose in mind.

  1. Communication is a Priority: For successful CEOs, nothing goes uncommunicated. Communication is key to running a business, so they keep lines of communication open with their team, clients, and investors, and they’re always prompt with responses.

  1. They’re Willing to Take Risk: Sometimes, building a great business means stepping outside of the comfort zone, taking a deep breath and making that leap. Successful CEOs aren’t afraid to take risks that can bring exponential growth.

  1. They Listen More Than They Talk: There’s always more to hear than there is to say. It isn’t possible to learn about where your business is succeeding and failing when you’re the only talking. Great CEOs sit back and listen to every member of their team and their clients.

  1. They’re Proactive About Adapting: in business, nothing stays the same for very long. You can either wait for changes to happen and try to catch up, or you can be prepared by adopt early. Successful CEOs know that you can’t always predict where business will take you but paying attention to your industry and being open to change will keep you on top.

  1. They Easily Navigate Difficult Situations: Nobody likes a difficult encounter. From unpleasant board meetings and angry clients to discover you’ve taken a very wrong turn, there will always be challenges. Busting through these challenges is the only way to grow. Successful CEOs face challenges head-on, with confidence.

  1. They Know What’s Happening in Their Industry: A rookie CEO mistake is counting on others to keep you current with industry trends. CEOs need to be leaders, and that means taking the initiative to stay on top of trends and innovations, rather than counting on someone else to do it for them.

  1. The Operate with a Sense of Optimism: Successful CEOs don’t entertain the concept of failure. Even when things don’t go as planned, they see opportunities for growth, not defeat.

  1. They’re Team Builders: A CEO is the top of a pyramid. Its very existence depends on the foundation below. They take the development of their team personally and strive to help each member reach their potential. They’re also not short on showing appreciation and giving honest, constructive feedback for professional development.

  1. Loyalty: Few things will kill a business faster than a lack of loyalty. Investors, clients, and employees expect loyalty from those that run businesses. Lack of loyalty equals distrust and has no place in a CEO’s office.

  1. They Focus on Customer Solutions: Each customer has a need to be met, and CEOs should always be asking themselves how their company can help. This means innovative thinking, but also a working knowledge of weaknesses that need to be addressed.

  1. They Aren’t Afraid to Make the First Move: Making the first move gives you an advantage. It lets you put the terms on the table and gives you the most negotiating power.

  1. They Thrive Under Pressure: CEOs adapt to work their best under pressure. This includes learning to trust their instincts, make fast decisions and act with confidence.

  1. They Don’t Play the Hero: When a business is successful, it’s often the CEO that gets the pat on the back. But, great CEOs know that they didn’t create success on their own. Building a business, and overcoming obstacles, is a team effort. Great CEOs never play the hero.

  1. They Trust Their Instincts: When you’re in a position that requires swift decision making, you have one resource to count on. Your instincts. CEOs trust their instincts, even if it sometimes goes against the grain.

  1. They’re Emotionally Intelligent: Successful CEOs understand people. They know how to work with others and bring out the best in each person.

  1. They Macro-Manage: There isn’t room for every little detail on a CEO’s plate. They learn to manage on a macro level and delegate micro tasks to team members.

  1. They Keep Their Thoughts Organized: Not every brilliant CEO has a spotless desk, but it’s guaranteed that their thoughts are clear and organized. They know what isn’t worth devoting mental energy to.

  1. They Approach Business with a Three-Tiered Perspective: A CEO should always have three visions in mind. The short-term goal, mid-term goal, and the long-term vision. They know all three work together to create success.

  1. Perseverance: They don’t give up. If one thing doesn’t work, they move onto the next. Problem-solving is their middle name, and they don’t back down until they’re satisfied.

  1. They’re Reliable: They do what they say and say what they do. They don’t make excuses and live up to their mistakes. Successful CEOs are steady and reliable in all areas of business.

  1. They’re Constantly Curious: There’s always something new to learn about their industry and they want to be the first one to know about it. Their curiosity leads them to innovation.

  1. They Have a Vision: A lack of vision equals a lack of direction. Successful CEOs have a vision for their company and their goal is to make it a reality.

There’s a lot to admire – and learn – from this list. Maybe number 26 should be that they’re always looking to better themselves.

The question is how can you adopt some of these traits to help your business be more successful than ever before?

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