13 Practical Ways to Reduce Stress.

This is how you can reduce stress instantly.

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So, Everything is not going according to your plan and now you are in a stressful situation. No worries!!! Soon, I will tell you, 13 practical ways to reduce stress.

But before that, I have to tell you something about the Stress and about methods of Reducing it.

Just a little talk, here.

Actually, there are two methods to Reduce Stress.

  1. Problem-Focused Method.
  2. Emotion-Focused Method.

The problem-focused method is the best one. But it takes time because it deals with the Direct cause of the Stress which is the Actual Problem. Sometimes you cannot control the stressful situation or actual problem.

In that case, you can use the second method which is the emotion-focused method.

The Basic idea of this method is to control and manipulate your emotional state so that you can feel relaxed. It is a kind of escape mechanism in which you are just escaping the situation without solving the actual problem.

But believe me, sometimes escape is the best way out there. You can also deal with the problem effectively if you have control over your emotional state.

So here I have compiled a list of practical things which you can do to reduce stress instantly.

1. Listen to Music.

This is my personal favorite that’s why I have Ranked it #1 in the list. Nothing is best than listen to music when it comes to relieving the mind from stress.

Just choose a perfect genre of music and you are good to go.

Put your headphones on and close your eyes. It would be best if you don’t listen to sad music at this time but if it is your favorite kind, then no problem.

2. Don’t Stay Alone- Go hang out with Friends.

So you stay alone in your room?

You can’t beat stress in there. You Should get out and hang out with your Friends.

There is no reason to stay in a closed place and cry on your Situation. You will make your situation worse.

I personally prefer this method. It releases Pressure from my head and gives me clarity.

You can also tackle the Problem more effectively if your mind is relaxed.

3. Watch Comedy Shows to reduce stress.

I love comedy shows and you should too. Real funny and authentic comedy shows can reduce your stress within minutes.

There are many comedy series out there on the internet. You can watch any of them.

Just grab your phone and start searching. Social media is also full of comedy videos.

Watch till you feel relaxed.

Don’t overdo this step, otherwise, you will get addicted.

Comedy shows are best stress busters out there!!!

4. Eat Chocolate.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate can do wonders in chronic stress.

You should try dark chocolate if you are a patient suffering from chronic stress. Studies have shown that people with chronic stress problems had reduced their level of stress hormones by consuming chocolates, two or more times in a week.

5. Meditate.

You can read this one, everywhere on the internet. Everyone is saying, do meditation, do it, it is the best solution out there.

Is it really a solution?

Technically no, but it can help you find a solution.

Tell me, would it be possible for you to find a solution with an uncontrolled emotional state?

Of course! no.

Thus meditation is only a tool, to make your mind calmer, stable and solution oriented. It can help you in some of the worst situations of life.

6. Cold Shower/Hot Shower.

Who doesn’t like a shower?

From children to Adults Everybody loves it. Take your time with this one, especially. When you found yourself in stress, go take a shower.

You can take cold showers/Hot showers depending on the temperature outside. Believe me, you will feel in heaven.

7. Watch a Movie.

Movies are another stress busters. Unlike other things, it can engage you for longer periods. Thus, it helps you to escape the reality for a while, which in turn would make you more relaxed.

8. Take Massage.

This one is purely optional. I know, not everyone can manage to go to a Spa or massage therapy parlor. But if you can, then please, by all means, go there!!!

It is actually a good place for relaxing and all the tensions from your head would be gone. You can also ask your friend or partner for a massage. He/she can massage your head.

9. Yeah!!! Nothing as good as a Nap.

This one is the easiest to do. Just go and sleep for some time.

It can be a nap or a proper 3 to 4 hours of sleep. It’s completely your preference.

Stress destabilizes your brain and sleep helps the brain to repair itself.

10. Play a Videogame.

I love video games.

Virtual reality is the best way to escape the real harsh reality.

Just play a high-quality video game and you will find yourself in the more stable mood.

11. Swimming.

I do not know how could a person remain stressful in a swimming pool. Swimming is an aerobic exercise. It increases the flow of oxygen in the body. Sufficient amount of oxygen in your brain will help you in managing stress efficiently.

12. Shopping is a must.

Actually, it is a must. You must buy that one thing you wanted for a long time. It can be a gadget, a dress, shoes and a watch, whatever it is, just go and buy. You would not believe me but It is a stress reliever. Either you are a tech freak or a sports hunk, go buy that damn thing of your dreams.

I would recommend you to go for physical shopping. Online shopping is good, but I would not suggest it in this case.

And it is not necessary here to buy the expensive one. Just go with the one you wanted for a long time.

13. Eat your favorite food.

Do you know when we eat our favorite food?

Of course, when we feel pumped, happy and excited. Thus by following this simple rule, we have conditioned ourselves to eat, when feeling happy.

It is a good thing because we can reverse this situation too.

By eating your favorite food at the time of stress, you can trick your brain into thinking that you are happy. So it will reduce your stress and uplift your mood within a minute.

Originally published at legendwithinyou.com

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