10 surefire tips to gain more views on YouTube

One of the most serious difficulties for those who want to grow on the internet is knowing how to gain views on YouTube.

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One of the most serious difficulties for those who want to grow on the internet is knowing how to gain views on YouTube. Check out this article for some surefire tips for pumping your channel.

Anyone with a YouTube channel knows how difficult it is to get views. In addition to a large number of people uploading videos all the time, the current YouTube algorithm does not favor the dissemination of smaller channels. Therefore, many seek to know how to gain views on YouTube in other ways.

But what are the benefits of having more views on YouTube? In addition to generating more recognition for your work, views and likes are the best way to increase your revenue on YouTube and reach a growing audience.

1 – Attention to thumbnail

A thumbnail is something that needs special attention, as it is the first thing people will look at before viewing your videos.

Make a striking thumbnail that exemplifies the content that you will bring in the video. But don’t use the famous “click baits”, using appealing images to get clicks, as this will generate a lot of dislikes in your videos.

The most important thing is to create a beautiful thumbnail that has to do with the type of content you are producing.

2 – The video title

After the thumbnail, people’s eyes go straight to the video title. One of the best ways to gain views on YouTube is to create a title that is not too long, but that makes it very clear what will be in the video.

Avoid headlines with information you don’t give or sensational phrases, as this can end up attracting attention in the wrong way. Another thing that to avoid is very short or very long titles. Ideally, the title should be between 50 to 100 characters long.

If your channel has frames, always place the frame name at the beginning or end of the title. That way, people will be able to follow their favorite pictures and ignore those who are not interested just by looking at the title.

Having enough views is very good, but ideally, those views should always be from people interested in the content. Otherwise, you may end up getting a lot of negative comments and dislikes.

3 – Do not neglect the description

The video description is the area where you’ll put additional information about the video and your channel. In it, you can put a small summary of the video, request likes, comments, subscriptions, and leave the links of your social networks.

In the description, you can also put corresponding links to subjects that were covered in the videos. Talk about these links during the video and invite subscribers to visit them in the description.

Do not create too long descriptions or leave the video without anything written in that area. If you take a tutorial teaching you how to use a program, for example, the description will be the best place to put links to useful tools or even the program itself.

4 – Use the right tags

Tags are an excellent resource for having your video found on YouTube’s search. When posting, place the tags according to the subjects covered in the video. Look for keywords that are relevant to your content and that people can search for.

It’s even worth looking at YouTube analytics to find the keywords that are best for your channel. The more tags, the more likely you are to be found. But never put tags that don’t have to do with the video.

5 – Post videos with good quality

Currently, quality is a crucial factor for the better placement of your videos on YouTube. The highest resolution supported by YouTube is now 4k, but it is vital to render so that the video has other options for people with a slower connection.

Always render your videos in 720p or 1080p and use good quality images so that the videos are visually pleasing. Thus, you will be able to gain views on YouTube and maintain followers on your channel.

Distorted or low-resolution images mean that people do not have a  pleasant experience when watching your video. And it is always essential to make the videos have an enjoyable visual experience.

6 – Attention to the time of the video

When creating content for YouTube, we should think about everything, even the time of the video. The duration should not be too long or too short. The information must be presented dynamically, and can be understood, but without becoming nauseating.

To find the ideal time for your videos, search for channels similar to yours and see how long they’re able to show videos. Analyze if it is a perfect time or if it can be improved. In general, videos between 5 to 10 minutes are ideal.

7 – Post videos frequently

A very common mistake for those starting out on YouTube is not having the right frequency for posting videos. Establish a time that you can create and edit content and set up a video schedule. Subscribers like to know the days they will find videos on the channel or not.

Some channels post videos every day, but you don’t have to. The frequency of posting to your channel can be weekly, daily, biweekly, or as you see fit. The important thing is not to leave the channel stopped for a long time.

8 – Indicate your videos

If you make videos about something, it means you have some authority on the subject. If you are going to give a lecture, write a blog post or even participate in other people’s videos, indicate your videos as a reference.

That way you’ll attract more people interested in your channel. Do not miss any opportunity to promote your content through referrals. You can also ask your subscribers to refer your video to friends and on social media at the beginning or end of each one.

9 – Promote the videos on social networks

If you just ‘upload’ the video and wait, you will hardly be able to gain views on YouTube. Promote your video in as many places as possible, especially on social networks. Call for news on the channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the social network of your choice.

The important thing is to make sure that as many people as possible have access to your content. Just be careful when posting in groups, after all, many have rules about posting disclosures. Breaking these rules can make people feel bad about you.

10- Buy views

If you want to buy youtube views quickly and effectively, you can buy views. By purchasing views, you’ll increase your channel’s credibility for new viewers, as well as better position your video in search.

The important thing is to buy the views with a serious and trustworthy company, which will not put your channel at risk. That’s because if YouTube detects that you’re buying views, your channel may be deleted.

Following all the previous tips on how to gain views on YouTube and buying a package of views, it is a matter of time for your channel to have a loyal and engaged audience that will always follow your posts

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