From joining an online yoga class to holding a plank between meetings, these tips will help you fit movement and exercise into your day.
Microsteps for working from home in the new normal
Today, take five minutes to create a daily schedule for you and anyone else staying home with you, and put it where everyone can see it.

Sticking to a schedule helps you stay on task and focus, and the same is true for your children or other family members who are staying home. It will also give everyone clarity on when others need their space, like for a meeting or call.

Make sure you move throughout the day.

For example, walk around your home (or even around the room) while speaking on the phone.

If you’re a manager, make a point of reaching out to every member of your team once a day.

Even a quick hello will let your colleagues know you’re thinking of them, which helps them feel valued. You can also ask how their workload is feeling — since remote workers are harder to diagnose with burnout, this practice can help you keep an eye out for its signs.

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