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A new approach to financial well-being.
Microsteps for financial health and well-being
Each week, put just $10 aside to save for something that is meaningful to you.

Give yourself the chance to spend your money on a purchase that brings you happiness in the short term. It’s a valuable opportunity to practice mindful, values-driven spending, which is key for your mental well-being.

Text a trusted friend to schedule a regular catch-up conversation about your money concerns.

Take your money worries out of the shadows and share them with someone you trust. Studies show that chronically elevated levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) can lead to health issues, but speaking your concerns can stop you from stressful rumination.

Look up the balance of any one loan you owe and then log that number in your financial tracker.

This could be a student loan, a mortgage — any loan. This small step is a way to lower your stress levels in the long run because it brings you closer to feeling ownership of your financial situation, and leads to smarter long-term decision-making about your financial future.

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