Why We Need Your Business

5 reasons you need to nurture that baby now.

You had a bright idea. To make a change in this world. You even got organized to make that idea real. Then, of course, as natural laws would dictate, your rocket ship of an initiative was taking up too much energy for lift off. With everything spent, you just couldn’t see the point when the rocket ship would glide into space. So, here we are, again, at ground zero.

I hear these words all the time — ‘I don’t know why’… believe I can’t do it, feel so daunted, exhausted, get so easily distracted, believe I can’t make it like others are, etc., etc. See your initiative as a living thing that you will nurture into becoming something beautiful. It’s a real living life form — your baby! Here are five reasons you need to nurture that baby now:

  1. Nothing’s quite like yours.

Just like no two souls are alike, no two initiatives are the same. What you are creating is an extension of you. You will imbue this baby with your own uniqueness. It will find its place among the many while contributing a uniqueness that no other soul can in its place.

2. You have the right stuff.

Did you study at something really hard? Do some things ‘feel’ natural to you? Perhaps you went through hell not so long ago, maybe a few times, to come out of the other side with resilience, wisdom, and experience that you couldn’t have gained otherwise. I believe you are given the perfect life lessons and guided to the right learning to be able to give birth to that something unique. Your design is perfectly crafted to produce that thing that will be so perfectly needed.

3. It’s larger than you think it is.

If we have a purpose, we will have a desire to fulfill that purpose. What was that desire in you to start your business in the first place? That desire is larger than you. It wants to express itself through you. It wants to grow, expand, extend — through you. The universe is expanding and some parts contract to expand even further. That idea you had? It was seeded in you through desire, meant to play a role in the larger scheme of things. In a way, you’ve been chosen.

4. There is one constant — change.

Don’t think that just because there are so many initiatives out there that seem to be like yours and are not having the impacts they were meant to, that yours won’t! You are meant to have an impact in this world. True, maybe people aren’t buying or using the services these other initiatives offer. Your imperative is to keep focus on your initiative and work to be innovative in your work at all times. Be sure to be well-positioned and ready. Above all, there is one constant — change. Who is going to be there when a big shift happens? I hope you’ll be!

5. It’s all really about growth.

On my journey, I’ve learned that whatever I seek to put out into the world is a reflection of me in the most literal senses. I’m essentially looping back to the above points, but here it is: if I’m not growing, neither is my initiative. We need your business because your business will push you to become your greater version of you. When you get that and you grow, so does your business. Life, all of life, is connected. Your growth is directly related to a lot of things that you never dreamt you were connected to. Your initiative is the gateway.

And, so, we need your business. Your initiative is unique. You’re the perfect person to do it. It is going to serve one heck of a purpose. So, get it out there and position it well. At the end of the day, it’s about your growth, and your growth has everything to do with the rest of us. You need to nurture that baby now.

Originally published at medium.com

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