Why Healing – Why Now?

'Being born in the fifties in postwar Germany offered for me very little comfort but lots of energy of getting out of this.'

I did not want this piece to be political but I can’t help it now. Looking at the young people in Parkland, Florida who are once again experiencing the trauma of senseless violence, I feel deeply their grief. The images of their profound loss are heartbreaking. Yet, from this devastation, I see something else happening. Out of their anger and unimaginable pain, a movement is underway. More than just providing hopeful wishes and prayers, these young people are using their will and intention to not stop speaking out, walking out and protesting, until they see change. This powerful wave of young energy reminds me of another time and another place. It brings me back to the years of protesting in the late sixties and early seventies; a period in history that shaped my life too. I truly understand the feeling that cries for change in a young heart.

Born in the fifties in postwar Germany, life offered me very little comfort. But that lack of comfort provided motivation. No matter what. “No more war” – was ours! “No more not respecting woman!” – was mine, then and today. “No more guns!”–should be all of ours today. No matter what country we live in.

What does this have to do with healing and my business? It is my business!
I created both brands, Healing Hotels of the World and HEALING SUMMIT, because I was not satisfied with putting my writing and business skills into “just making a living.” Or even more boring in my view, “making a career.” Drawing from my own experiences as I grew up, I understood that we can change for the better. I never gave up finding more tools, understanding myself better and seeking the positive changes in my life. And I always knew, that we all can do this and have this. Yes, we have to get out of our comfort zones. Yes, we have to let go of laziness. Yes, we have to work on opening our hearts and minds each day a little bit more.

Having worked globally all of my adult life, I have had the great good fortune to meet people from all cultures and all continents. I learned how they would make their living, sometimes under dire circumstances. Once, while working as a journalist in Brazil, I recall meeting a group of people who’s story still stays with me. There was a family of ten people living in one small room in the Favelas. They had absolutely nothing, but their love for one another was powerful. This family moved me so very much because love was their source of comfort. I am supremely grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet people of all cultures from all over the world to experience the depth of our humanity.

This is the reason I am passionately driven to bring experts across all industries together with our amazing Healing Hotels of the World members at the fifth annual HEALING SUMMIT in Berlin. As we are approaching the Summit in early March, I reflect with wonder and amazement at the global business leaders, scientists, doctors, practitioners and hoteliers who are attending from six continents. Each one has that fire in their soul: to change the world for the better.

Every speaker and every attendee at the HEALING SUMMIT understands completely that the time has never been more right to get up and out of our comfort zones. To effect change in our society. To work for a world that can be so much better than it is today. So that our children, from every corner of the globe, never have to experience a tragedy like the students in Parkland, Florida did, ever again.

The HEALING SUMMIT is not a business conference. It is a conference of the open mind and warm hearts of people.

I love them all.

These brands are founded and owned by Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier:

Healing Hotels of the World

Healing Hotels of the World is an outstanding global brand of carefully selected hotels and resorts committed to healing. With more than 100 partner hotels worldwide, Healing Hotels of the World is an authentic and trusted source for holistic health. Healing Hotels of the World is the only global brand that has established and successfully implemented authentic and quality driven criteria for each hotel’s environment and holistic health services. All healing hotels fulfill the criteria and vary in size and individual concepts.

Healing Summit

The HEALING SUMMIT is a two-day annual conference organized by Healing Hotels of the World for like-minded individuals to collaborate, raise awareness and inspire change. World-class speakers from all over the world share their holistic perspectives on a future committed to healing. Topics include insights into a healing lifestyle, sustainable practices, charity projects and the paradigms of business rooted in a soulful economy.

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