The Path to Loving the Life I am in

A poem about the power of gratitude.

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This poem is about choosing to wake up each day and look for the evidence that life is a gift. Our perspective is powerful. Our reasons to be grateful are endless when we give ourselves the opening to see.

The Path to Loving the Life I Am In

Loving life may not always seem easy to do.

But when I stop to breathe life in,

press pause and listen,

the soft familiar whisper lovingly shows me the way.

She points me toward pockets of bliss,

like gazing out at the vast ocean,

filled with promise and hope,

and the pure genius and mystery injected in all nature’s gold.

I see happy faces belonging to my beautiful family and friends,

and when I listen a bit deeper mine also shines in.

The practice of loving the life I am in,

begins each day with a heartfelt check-in.

When the seas get stormy, as they tend to do,

what was once smooth and easy,

floods with noise, clouding the view.

But with one simple question

no matter the storm,

the soft gentle whisper is summoned to bring me back home.

The question is deliciously effortless to ask.

I stop what I’m doing, whatever that may be.

Then ask the question:

What things are you grateful for right now that are free?


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