The one thing preventing you from getting promoted

And what you should be doing instead.

Does it ever feel like everyone else around you is getting noticed, making critical business connections and first in line for the next cushy promotion (and paycheck)? And you’re feeling…well…INVISIBLE?

Your feelings are probably accurate.

If you’re a solid performer and still getting overlooked for opportunities, chances are that you are unknowingly holding yourself back and remaining hidden among a sea of talented colleagues.

Ready to take charge of your career and become visible?

Read on.

Speak Up

It’s time to work those bragging muscles. How many people actually know that you’re interested in new opportunities, want to land a more senior leadership role, oh, and you’re mentoring the interns, helping the sales team with their training modules and just had a new cross-functional project land on your desk courtesy of the VP? 

When it comes to what you want and the value you provide, no one will know unless you speak up!

Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand. For everything. Even if it falls outside the scope of your role. Have a skill that could be valuable to the team? Volunteer to try it out. New project team forming? Grab a seat to expand what you already know. Become the go-to person your peers and superiors can count on. Get involved in your company’s employee resource groups and training programs. Show you’re interested in expanding with the company and expand your functional and strategic knowledge at the same time.

Find Your People

Making the next leap is a heck of a lot easier with a fan base in your corner who can vouch for your performance and potential. So, find your people! You should be having regular development talks with your manager so you can share your career aspirations and they can help lay the bricks that pave the road to happiness. Also look to connect with individuals in your organization who do the work and have the job you want so you can begin the learning journey now (and, think about how you can help them out too!).

Be Strategic 

Don’t wait for a new project to be announced or a job to be posted. If you want to really get noticed and fast-track your career, assume the role of an internal consultant. Assess the current climate, observe the pain points and prepare a plan of action for how you can solve them and deliver this proposal to your boss, knowing the visible value you’re about to provide.

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