The Fierce 50 Campaign Launch: Join the Movement

A Celebration of Women at Midlife

Celebrating Women at Midlife

It’s a powerful time in our lives as we watch women all over the world beginning to rise up and show the world who they are as a collective. A very special group of women are coming together on February 19th as a means of celebrating one another and creating a collaborative community within the blogging world. These women aren’t just any women. They are women at midlife, and yet they are only just beginning! These are the women of The Fierce 50 Campaign. Launching on February 19th, 2017, on the 50th day of the year, more than 50 women over the age of 50 are coming together; each woman celebrating another woman in the group by connecting with and sharing their story of inspiration on their blogs.

The Fierce 50 represents a powerful group of women who have come together, united in supporting, helping and honoring one another. These are women that have overcome cancer, lost loved ones, raised their children, survived some pretty major adversity, as well as reveled in life’s tremendous joys. Best selling author, Lee Woodruff recently joined the campaign as a way of supporting women at midlife. Lee shares, “I feel honored to be a part of the Fierce 50 campaign. As you discover each one of our stories, you understand just how powerful this time of life can be. Far from beginning to fade, most of us are just hitting our stride and putting five decades of life, smarts, confidence, love and sassy to work.”

Lee Woodruff

The inspiration for the campaign is to highlight this powerful demographic and begin blurring the boundaries amongst the various age groups in the blogging world. A wide variety of female bloggers are included in the mix from fashion to music to health and fitness. There’s something for everyone. Organized by Catherine McCormick, Shauna Robertson, Cathy Williamson and Deborah Boland, it’s a campaign that’s sparking some real inspiration in the blogging world. As Cathy Williamson says, “We believe that life has just begun. It is a time for reinvention and a launching pad for starting anew. We hope to be role models for women of all ages.” And, as a Triple Negative breast cancer survivor, Cathy knows a thing or two about being a role model.

Cathy Williamson, Catherine Grace O’Connell, Deborah Boland, Shauna Robertson

Notable celebrities such as Kathy Kaehler and Denise Austin have joined the campaign. In Kathy’s words, “ I’m 54 and I’ve come a long way baby! The 4.5 decades have been extraordinary and I’m ready to share my stories. The Fierce 50 Campaign is a unique opportunity to inspire those headed toward the big 5–0. For my next 50…I’ve got new hips, a fixed shoulder and ready to roll. I want to meet cool people, have knock your socks off experiences, perform physical feats and I’m looking forward to being dazzled by those around me.”

Kathy Kaehler

“I will be celebrating 60 years young this year and proud of it..I feel happy, healthy and fit. I celebrate my age with love and support of my husband, my daughters, my sisters and all of my girlfriends!!! AND because THAT’s what life is all about… For all of us women over 50 WE can do it all now… I am totally excited and filled with new energy as I jump into this stage in my life that my career, is moving upward and forward into new directions and i love being a part of this Fierce 50 campaign…” -Denise Austin

Denise Austin

Midlife is clearly an exciting and powerful time in a woman’s life. This group of women is out to change the way the world views women at midlife and beyond. The campaign is designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It’s intended to blur boundaries and to take the focus off of a person’s following and return the focus to where it belongs, on the heart of the woman. The organizers are hoping to send a strong message to brands out there to pay attention to a powerful demographic that’s a wonderful opportunity for them to expand their customer base. As these women comprise a large percentage of the retail customer base, they want to be valued and recognized by the brands as well. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for the very first annual Fierce 50 Campaign launching February 19, 2017. For more details, email [email protected] The bloggers that will be participating are:

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