Optimizing Website Content for SEO

It’s the New Year! Optimize your website and, while you’re at it, your life too!

Check out these 9 tips to optimize your life while optimizing your website content for SEO ranking!

If you want your website to rank high on SEO, it has to be optimized. While you’re at it, why not optimize your life too, because life and business always intertwine!

I have written what feels like a million blogs on content optimization fundamental principles for better SEO ranking. So I’m asking myself, Why not use the same concepts of optimizing website content to optimize life to rank higher on the Google search of Life.

I have created an excellent system of 9 points for optimizing website content. Guess what? With very few updates, you can apply these 9 points to your personal life too.

1. Select your themes.

For consistency in your blog writing, define your themes and group your blogs under those themes.

The same goes for consistency in your life. What are the important themes in your life, and how can you optimize them? Some of the themes we all relate to are balancing life, finding the romantic life, passions you can’t live without, friends, and community involvement.
 To make this exercise worthwhile, dig deep and get personal. This is about optimizing your life.

2. Find consistency between what you do and what you write.

When do you say one thing and do another? The answer is probably something like, “When I’m in one of those areas of my life where I’m inconsistent.”

Find out what those areas are and assess your inconsistency. Figure out what’s behind it. You’ll notice that a lot of time opens up when your actions and thoughts are consistent.

3. Choose appropriate key words.

What key words best describe you and your life? What key words do you want to use to optimize yourself?

Here are a few key words that reflect what most people are looking for nowadays: flexible, open-minded, curious, proactive, spiritual, compassionate.

4. Be your own expert.

When it comes to your own life, what better expert is there than you? Embrace your knowledge of yourself and have fun. As the expert on you, what feedback would you give yourself if you were not judging yourself?

5. Link blogs and pages effectively.

How about linking your new optimized life with your experiences from the past! This is one of the best ways to create a good grounding for the present and the future.

6. Keep your writing fluid.

Where in your life do you want to be more fluid? Where would you like to improve your go-with-the-flow attitude?

We could all use some letting go. In optimizing your life, be specific about where you pressure yourself and where you want to let go of control.

7. Target topics within your themes.

Once you have chosen your themes in step 1, go deep into each topic and how it could increase the joy in your life.

Optimizing website content means finding themes within your expertise, then delving deeper so that you can learn more and share your experience. The same goes for your life. Find those topics within the themes of your experience and apply them to your life.

8. Keep yourself on schedule.

The best way to assess time and keep yourself on schedule is to understand your strong points and your weak points. Without judgement, that is! What are the things in your life that need assessing? What can you add or take away for the best optimization?

9. Create all the steps for your writing.

The big picture of your optimized life is created when many elements merge in harmony. Those elements have their own priorities, and the best results are achieved when the priorities are executed at the right time.

For the best results in optimizing website content, you need to understand all the steps. Your life is the same. It, too, is a search engine that’s always looking for more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
 You know the attributes — the key words — you want to add to your life for better results. You know the attributes you want to keep and the ones you want to get rid of because they don’t let you communicate who you are.

Optimize your life the same way you are optimizing website content. Life and business intertwine. One you’ve grasped a concept that works for one, chances are it will work just as well for the other.

XOXO Monica

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Originally published at www.lunacoaching.com on October 17, 2016.

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