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Pausing for Peace — Daily

And, how it can change the world

“Then I look at you

And the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna be

A lovely day

A lovely day”

I woke up the other morning hearing in my head, Bill Withers singing these lyrics from his classic song, you guessed it, Lovely Day. Then I went to bed that night hearing it, woke up the next morning still hearing it, and several days later the song is still in my head. It’s good though, I’m walking around all bubbly singing “AAAAAA Lovely Day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely daaaay….,” which is great to plant good seeds, because as we should all know by now, our thoughts do create our reality.

To help me create my lovely life, I wake up every morning and take myself to the beach at sunrise, to practice a little yoga and meditation. I’ve been doing this for 2 years. At first I was just doing it by myself and for myself. It was, however, just so absolutely beautiful at the beach that I felt like I needed to share how inspiring the view was. So I started posting daily pics on Instagram, and then someone told me about Periscope, Twitter’s new Live Streaming App. So I started Broadcasting what I was seeing. Others were inspired by the view as well, they started asking me what I did for a living, so I started teaching a little yoga and meditation because that’s what I do. I quickly gained followers, and started “trending.” 15 months later I continue to gain 100 followers every single day. Recently, I started a second broadcast at 7:30 am EST, A Daily Pause for Peace in 360. Periscope is an amazing application for that format. Gathering people from all over the world. And, since my not so secret intention is to create World Peace. I thought that their couldn’t be a greater representation than sitting at the beach, looking at the ocean, under a sky that surrounds us all, as we all unite in Peace in 360 view, which I feel represents the whole world.

Today I read an article on, that predicts that by 2020, 75% of global mobile traffic will be video, via Cisco’s latest annual Visual Networking Index forecast (VNI). My thoughts of this global increase in video traffic, brings me back to the song, my morning routine and how it can change the world… I couldn’t figure out why this random, but very lovely and uplifting song from the 1970’s was repeating in my head over and over again.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, I’ve learned to be more self aware and pay attention to these insights to my soul, so… I Googled it. And low and behold I found my answer. Justin Timberlake, had preformed on the Oscars, and mashed in the middle of his hit song Can’t Stop The Feeling from the movie Trolls, which I think is ironic and funny since Periscope also is know for it’s trolls, but I digress, here he was singing a few lines of Lovely Day, the night before my awakening to the song. The seed had been planted. I had heard Justin sing a portion of it, watched about an hour more of the Oscars, went to sleep and woke up to the Bill Withers version playing over and over in my head. Now I have a perfect example of how seeds work, and the reminder of the necessity to be mindful of the seeds that can be planted in our minds. Keep yourself surrounded by positive messages, books, thoughts, people.

So as I take myself to the beach to cultivate peace in my body, mind and soul, while also sharing this process with the world via Periscope — where in my opinion Trolls are welcome too — that wherever you are, or whoever you are, if you just pop into my broadcast, the seeds of peace will be with you.

And, with about 7.4 billion people in the world, and currently 10,000 viewers a day, World Peace may take awhile longer than I want, but I’ll keep showing up and hope you do to. Join me daily, Pausing for Peace.

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