Live Life, Don’t Let Life Live You

A story.

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Kathy rolled over to silence the ringing of her alarm that was set for 5 A.M. Despite being tired after her late night of studying, she put on a smile and leaped out of bed. Her shift at the local supermarket began at 6 A.M. and her classes at the local community college were from 1 P.M. until 7 P.M. Life was always running for Kathy but she put every ounce of her positive attitude right back into it. Each day is looked upon as a new opportunity and Kathy has a positive impact on everyone she interacts with because of her lively attitude.

Louis wakes up with a groan and doesn’t even acknowledge his beautiful wife because he is too busy dreading the day ahead of him. The day starts with a shower and then a thirty minute drive to his rather boring day job. Louis works in financials and absolutely hates the job he has been working for the past fifteen years. His life was fantastic into the college years but once he slipped into the trap of the day job, his life was gone and his attitude was poor.

What You didn’t Know..

  • Kathy — Little do you know, Kathy grew up in a poor neighborhood and her parents split up at a young age. She was surrounded by violence and drugs growing up but had always known she could be something special. Although Kathy is working 30 hours a week to pay for her school, she is making the world a better place by conveying a splendid attitude.
  • Louis — As stated in the summary of Louis, he was a happy person until he slipped into the real world. The job he hates pays over 100,000 dollars per year and has set up a nice foundation for his two children. He has a beautiful home, plenty of nice cars, and stacks of clothes to choose from. Even this lifestyle doesn’t stack up to what happiness would give Louis and he has let his hollow attitude consume his life.

Although fictional characters, there are people like Kathy and Louis everywhere. Although life gives us obstacles, a positive attitude is crucial for happiness and you are the painter to the blank canvas. Live your life, don’t let life live you.

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