Knowing How To Hide

Finding my recovery method to accelerate personal growth

I remember seeing Arianna Huffington give a talk for her Thrive book release. It was May 2014. When she signed my book I thanked her for bringing these issues to the forefront of so many professionals that have forgotten the importance of self care. I shared that I lived this every day (at the time) by knowing how to hide.

Part of my success in a new role was supported by my time for recovery and knowing when and how to disconnect. I knew how to hide. At my core I am an introvert. Taking on a role in venture where you must engage with so many people at high volume and demand was a new challenge for me in 2012. I was exhausted by the engagement and kept finding time to come back to me. It was also how to engage with different parties — there were investors that needed time individually, investors in large groups, entrepreneurs I was coaching, entrepreneurs that were soliciting and being in a large room of networking where many people had the same questions. I would answer and continue to try to find ways to make my answers more efficient. I also looked for ways to scale my role to reach more people technically. At the end of every pitch meeting, every board meeting, every networking event, I had to seek time to recover.

I encourage you to find your time to recover and re-center. It can come in the form of a lunch alone, a twenty minute walk to clear your head, a break in a park to observe, draw or focus on your breath. Find time to slow down your thoughts and feel yourself breathe. Write down a few thoughts or take time to notice the world around you and feel how it is moving or not moving. I did this time and again. It served me well.

That was five years ago and my need to hide has lessened as I have exercised my extrovert muscles and have grown professionally. I find that I do not need these recovery sessions as often as I did years ago but it is good to have in my practice when I need it. I hope you find your way to hide and grow into the person you want to become.

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