How to Face Problems

Get detached from your problems, but don’t ignore them.

✕Everyone faces situations where life makes us feel like shit. We get gloomy and depressed.We feel like the colour has been sapped out of our life. We would do anything to be able to turn the clock forwards or backwards by a certain period. Our mind gets cloudy and useless.

While this is common for everyone, the rest of the story isn’t :

Let us consider this. A person is faced with an oncoming rage storm. What can he do?

  • He can give up and wait for the storm to sweep him away, hoping to go to a different location, but getting killed.
  • He can try to fight the storm by facing it head on and get killed.
  • He can go to a shelter and from there he can do things to protect himself by using covers and shields.

The storm is an analogy for problems in a person’s life. It is a part of nature and there is no avoiding them.

When faced with problems,

  • Some sit down and sulk, blaming their fate and wait for the storm to pass.They don’t do anything to solve that problem,thinking that it would become fine . But the truth is the problem won’t go away on its own.
  • Some try to stop the storm using force, taking desperate and irrational measures, making the situation even worse.

But the wise don’t do either. Because they know the outcome. So, what do they do?

They accept the storm as a part of nature (life) .They detach themselves from it. They go to the eye of the storm. They think about the situation , analyze and do everything that is in their hands and don’t sulk about what is not there in their hands. They leave that part to a higher power, God, fate , nature….whatever you wanna call it.

Whatever happens, life has to go on and it will go on. But it is in your hands whether you want to go along with life or just give up, sulk and stagnate. Learn to develop the art of detaching yourselves from your problems and dealing with them properly.

Your mind is what you use to think and solve your problems.

Is it possible to eat food when you are running fast?

Similarly is it possible to use your mind when it is riddled with questions and uncertainty? No.

Whenever faced with a problem, we tend to overload our mind with unnecessary things like worry, distress, anger, etc. Instead, if we detach ourselves from our problems and emotions, the mind will be calm and it can be better used to solve the challenges and problems.

Running away and ignoring your problems is one thing. Detaching yourselves from the problems and facing them is another.

So, what are you gonna do? Think and act.

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