Getting steamed about “freight-train-itis”

It’s that end of year overload.

I have a problem I wanted to discuss here. It’s called freight-train-itis. It seems that there are times when I can barely keep up with all the swirling going on. I’m either at a dead standstill or full steam ahead. I’m currently in full steam ahead mode, and I feel as though I’m falling behind.

Durango Silverton Train

Getting ready for the holidays on multiple levels includes gifting, shipping, and preparing to leave on a trip in two weeks. The trip involves boys with our dog to their Dad, cats to the kennel, and us to Colorado. On my plate is keeping active here on the blog, on my social media accounts, and I will pre-schedule all of that for the week we’re away.

Then there’s the end of year review. I dread it and look forward to it every year. I’ve linked below to Marie Forleo’s video she just released that is the easy-cheesy 10-minute version. I have workbooks, calendars for next year, and the steam-cloud of “did I accomplish anything?” hanging over my train. But here’s the rub — I’ve always accomplished stuff, I just fret about whether or not I did every frigging year. How about you?

Part of my end of the year review involves goals for the next year. I came across something the other day, by writer Ryan Hussey, that basically stated, write down ten things you want. Now cross out nine of them. Do the one that is left. This might be how I prioritize my goals for 2017. I think this process might slow down the freight-train-itis effect a little bit.

I’ve been accepted to write articles for the newly launched Thrive Global. So, I’ve been busy writing and adapting previous articles for them. Proud to be a part of the “More than living. Thriving” message. Check out their site here!

Many of you know that while I was in Colorado, an alpaca decided to give me my first lesson on cria births! Trial by fire. Again, part of the freight-train-itis. I went full steam that day for sure. I’ve also written an article for publication on it, so I’ll link to it when I can.

So what is the best way to handle freight-train-itis? One railroad-tie at a time. The post-it notes have multiplied like rabbits in my workspace. So I line them up, and at any given moment, my eyes focus on one of them, and that’s what I do next.

I breathe a lot. Just stop, breathe, grab a glass of water, and figure out what comes next. This helps me a lot. Another trick I use is meditations from Kris Carr. Sometimes I don’t even leave my desk. Just close my eyes and listen for 2–8 minutes depending on the meditation I choose.

Then there is play time. With a new kitten in the house, this is forced on me multiple times during the day and probably is my saving grace. Nothing like watching a kitten chasing play mice, crawling around in the wrapping paper or enduring her loud purring to shift my train off its’ tracks.

If you have freight-train-itis like me, I suggest you slow it down. Ease up on shoveling so much coal in the fire. Take a breath. Take a walk. Take a break. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

Marie Forleo’s End of Year Review

Happy Holidays everyone! There are too many to list them all, but I’m thinking of all the diversity!

Thanks for reading.

Originally published at dawnengler.com on December 7, 2016.

Originally published at medium.com

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