Your Weapon Against Negativity.

Every day begins with an empty canvas: you have the chance to pick up your brush and paint fresh colors of productivity. Over time, I’ve come to believe that your first thoughts in the morning when you wake up are kings over you for the rest of the day and it would take a great army of resistants to fight these kings. You have a choice to write new stories of comedy, tragedy… you pick the genre.

There is a daily task laid out in front of everyone. We can choose to ignore it, accept it or spend the entire day trying to figure out whether or not you want to accept it. Everyone is a KING,as kings we have our kingdoms where we reign supreme. Your Kingdom is your mind; whether you take charge of your mind by delegating thoughts (positive or negative) that would rule your actions or act lukewarm and be invaded like a city without walls is up to you.

Positivity is the key to productivity. To unlock the hidden riches of your city, you need the right keys. Having a positive mental attitude can be a drag and seem like too much work because you have to constantly ward off attacks of negativity, the “I can’t(s), “I’m not good enough(s)”, “why do I even bother(s)”, “the it won’t work(s)”.

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My favorite type of movies are those with battle scense, good battle scenes… A good battle is never drag. You will always have to fight off negativity because it is all around you; turn on the TV and the first headline you read is definitely one that would almost make you want to give up on humanity in it’s entirety. So gear up for your battle, pick up your weapon, only light can drive out darkness, only positive thoughts can replace negative thoughts. Learn to speak positivity into your thoughts.

The failures of your yesterday are your training points for today. Use positive thoughts as your weapon for today and create tales of victory for your tomorrow. Today is going to a good day, because you have chosen to gear up and take a stand to rule over your Kingdom.

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