Fuel Yourself With These Creative Healthy Eating Microsteps

Thrive Role Models share their “too small to fail” recommendations.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Our nutrition choices are about much more than what we eat. They’re connected to our environment, our habits, and the mindset we bring to each day. If we’re perpetually stressed and believe a life of ambition and achievement—or even just getting through our days—simply doesn’t leave room for healthy food choices, we’re probably not going to make nourishing ourselves a priority. 

But when we opt for small steps instead of trying to overhaul our diets, we can make changes that have a big impact over time. Here, ambitious and high-achieving people in a range of fields share the Microsteps that help them make healthy eating choices — along with some of their motivations and challenges. Which of these will you try?

Add a vegetable or fruit to every meal

“Choosing a healthy diet isn’t about deprivation, it’s about balance. It’s about moderation. Like I tell my kids, as long as you eat fruits and vegetables at every meal, you’ll be okay if you have pizza or ice cream every once in a while. The problem is when the treats become the habits.” 

—Michelle Obama, former first lady

Take a few minutes to think about one small way you can improve your eating this week

“I’m on a journey to keep getting better, and so I’m constantly seeking new information, and new ways to improve. I think eating well is really important to thriving, so I really try hard to feed my body good, positive fuel.” 

— Maria Menounos, T.V. personality and entrepreneur 

Instead of rushing out the door with your coffee in hand, take a few minutes to sit down and mindfully savor what’s in your cup

“[The first thing I do when I get out of bed is] make a pot of tea. It buys me time to clear my head before I really have to start thinking for the day. I also enjoy smelling the tea leaves—it’s a little jolt of stimulation that gets me going.” 

— Bianca Bosker, journalist and New York Times best-selling author

Look for little ways to set up your environment to make staying hydrated easier

“I keep a liter of water beside my bed. It’s easy to forget to hydrate during the busy day, so I try to down the entire thing before I leave the apartment.” 

— Ashley Wilking, fitness influencer

If you’re not crazy about the taste of plain water, look for add-ins that make it more enjoyable to encourage you to drink more

“Have a cup of hot water, lemon, and ginger.” Bonus: ginger has anti-inflammatory properties so you get an extra health boost in addition to the hydration. 

— Dambisa Moyo, global economist and author 

Adapted from “Your Time to Thrive: End Burnout, Increase Well-being, and Unlock Your Full Potential with the New Science of Microsteps,” by Marina Khidekel and the editors of Thrive Global. Learn more and pre-order your copy here.

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