Cause see the evening is almost over. Come, let's count the stars together.

The evening isn’t over yet;
wait back, hold on
Let’s grab a cup of coffee, sit on the terrace
Let’s count the stars together.

I’ve a lot of things on my tongue,
ready to jump out of my mouth.
Just give me few seconds though,
I need to select my words carefully.

Just wait back, hold on;


I need to tell you about the moment
I blushed and then bursted into tears
when you confessed that you loved me.
Tears of joy; you see!

I need to tell you about the moment I smiled
when you let me know that you slept a bit earlier that day.

I need to tell you about the moment
I jumped out of happiness
when I heard your beautiful voice; that song you sang for me, you remember?

I need to tell you about the hours
I spent wandering if you are alright;
when you didn’t respond to my texts.

I need to tell you about the days
I didn’t text you because I felt like I was annoying you and
how I went through our old texts;
hoping that we’ll get to have 3:00am talks like that again.

I need to tell you about the moment 
I wanted to speak out but sallowed, how I went pale and layed down on my bed, how I had exhausted myself crying and how I woke up with a brave heart;
that sounded, “I’ll wait for him to come back to me.”
the moment you said that you don’t love me anymore; I wonder if you meant that.

I need to tell you that
I know you have better things to do in life.

But here I am;
standing in front of you
asking you to wait back a little longer
Cause see the evening is almost over.
Come, let’s count the stars together.

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