Electricity …The Global Connection

"Nature gives us the energy to tackle adversity."

Electricity has given us , the humanity the opportunity to expand our contact and build up a communication grid, being connected, is after 120 years the greatest infrastructure the world ever dream , is about time to learn how to live with our own disruptions, lets not loose the spirit and enthusiasm connecting ourselves to feed the construction of a United World Society”.

Thank you all for being connected , for devoting so much time and effort and try to understand our strength and weakness, our triumph and frustration .

Helping us understand way sometimes we feel we do not want to turn on the light and only hope for better days to come were we don’t want to turn off the sparking glow of hope.

Life is full with magic , magic when we understand what make us jump from bed and put our sneakers on and try to conquer the world , times when we feel we don’t have enough time to think how much we can achieve ,finding that sacred space where we can breathe and contemplate the beauty of an early walk, where a “kiss of a rose” can be found .

Nature gives us the energy to tackle adversity , to be creative ,air to find the answers and minimize our anxiety understanding that love is the only answer, that hate only separate people makes us intolerant, blind to understand that people have the right to be equal and the equal right to be different.

Time is our only best given asset and nobody has the right to dictate how we use our time as long as we respect each other.

Best things come with spontaneous glimpse of energy and always come after a good night of sleep , night capable of render our ideas and emptying our grif, sleep that made us travel thru darkness and tackle our fear .

Finding energy “magic” . Energy that can only glow inside the universe of wisdom among the space of wonder, equalizing forces, finding empathy, driving people to learn how to live with each other.

Energy can only be measured when has the capacity to glare insight somebody else’s e. building magic inside the grid , the circuit .

The Energy out of a circuit is equal to zero .

How many circuits can you build in a day , a circuit can only be build when energy is given, because only then you understand that what goes around comes around, then only then you find that you might know how your day starts but you will never be able to forecast if you will end the day giving or begging.

Energy is not being created. Energy is only being transformed and we the people are the best energy conductors, now is about time to live with our own disruption, disruption that can only be positive inside a better grid .

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