Do You Really Know How to Trust?

Trust can move mountains.

Recently I took a Peloton spinning class. As we were all pedaling our hearts out the instructor asked, “Who are you when you trust others?
I know I was meant to answer her question, but I couldn’t.
I couldn’t because the question “Who are you when you trust yourself?” muscled it’s way to the forefront, demanding my attention. We were mid-way through the ride when all I could think about was hopping off the bike and writing down the question and my answer.
With each pump of the pedal I repeated “Who are you when you trust yourself?” This went on for at least 15 minutes until the class was over.
“Who are you when you trust yourself?”
My answer; I know without a shadow of a doubt when I trust myself I’m a positive force to reckon with. Nothing can hold me back. I’m in the flow and I’m definitely connected to my values (my soul’s DNA).
It’s when I don’t trust myself, that’s when I second-guess the shit out of myself and I play smaller. In essence, I disconnect from all the things that make up me (my values).
Now I ask you…
What happens when you trust you?
Who are you when that happens?
When does it happen for you?
Maybe you stand up taller and speak with confidence. Maybe you too are a positive force to reckon with and that happens when you are being you, as you are. (Share below who you are when you trust yourself, because when you name it, you claim it.)
Or maybe those questions bring up blanks. Maybe you’re just not sure. Maybe you’ve never trusted yourself.
It’s OK. Go easy and know that’s it’s never too late to begin trusting yourself.
Either way, I invite you to explore the questions for a bit. Allowing whatever comes up for you to come out of you.
Trust can move mountains
When we trust in ourselves the insurmountable is no more. When we trust in ourselves we know that we always have our own backs. When we trust in ourselves our energy is elevated and we positively attract things, situations and people into our world. When we trust in ourselves we see options and possibilities, as opposed to only problems and challenges. When we trust in ourselves we don’t compare ourselves with others. When we trust in ourselves we are no longer the victim of circumstance, but the masters of our own destiny.
Self-trust truly is a magical, amazing force.
So my last question to you is this…
What do you need in order to fully and whole-heartedly trust in you?
As always, I welcome your thoughts and questions.
Until next time here’s to self-trust…

Originally published at www.whatswithinu.com.

Originally published at medium.com

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