Consciously Losing Control of Your Life

What are you truly capable of?

What are we Truly Capable of?

What would happen if we consciously chose to let go — to stop trying to control people, places, and things? I propose, ownership of our lives.

What if our perspective of business dealings and the modeling of our personal lives shifted from controlling to releasing? Focused on what we have to share with each other instead of taking from each other — imagine what we could accomplish. I bet, pretty big things.

Taught to go out and grab life by the horns, we have learned to be aggressive. Aggression, given the state of affairs in our world according to news headlines, health concerns, and continued exclusivity have served us, in my opinion — not so well.

Would taking charge of our thoughts and emotions offer a higher ROI? I would rather spend my effort and my time finding out that answer by working on opening my heart instead of controlling situations and other unforeseen forces.

For me, taking charge, it’s truest sense — is showing up. Showing up in our collective space with our personal space — both vulnerable and authentic. Vulnerability and authenticity does not imply weakness. It is inclusive of all our strength and dedicated attention on our own well-being, with genuine concern and care for the business at hand — the task — and of each other’s well-being.

It takes courage to show up as ourselves. Stephen Hawking, world renowned theoretical physicist has said that aggression would be the downfall of civilization. I certainly concur — but advocate, that we can change it by encouraging each other’s possibility while cultivating our own self worth.

In my book The Grace of Redefining Love, I suggest that we are each other’s motivation for possibility.

“Aggression insists on oppressive limitation so we can feel safe. None of it is real, none of it is true, and none of it is lasting. Authentic motivation comes from and through each others heart center. One of the most empowering realizations we can make is this. By encouraging each other’s possibility, we encourage our own.”

— excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love.

Consciously choosing to lose control of our life means stepping into a situation that, could be one of crisis, yes, but more often than not, means stepping into our authentic selves. It means consistently returning, over and over again, to our heart center. Returning to a state of calm — now scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and expand our thinking — therefore, allowing us to be more effective.

Developing a personal practice for showing up can give us a fluid form to live by — to recode our lives so-to-speak. Mine calms me. It grounds me in the morning with an integrity of creating good.

My personal practice begins in the first 30 minutes upon waking. This is what really keeps me living on point for the day.

My practice consists of getting up and stretching. Then I may read a page or two of poetry or a verse from A Course in Miracles, or something else that promotes peace and well-being. Ready to enter the world I recite this mantra: Let me send love outward for miles — let me leave love wherever I place my feet.

That’s how I like to roll.

We have so much to gain by learning to dance through life instead of controlling it. Feeling safe enough to include others in our creations engages empathy and compassion. Asking what it is they wish to build can only expedite our best possible probabilities. There really is enough to go around.


Originally published at yesrising.com on March 27, 2017.

Originally published at medium.com

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