Conquer Fear and Move Toward the Life You Desire

Fear can grip you if you let it—these are my favorite methods for freeing myself from fear.

Be a creature of choice.

Fear can grip you if you let it.

But…you can choose to stop, pause, and shine a spotlight on it. Create the opportunity to get underneath it, and see what is really going on.

As I see it, you have two choices; to either accept the fear scenarios that are playing out in your head as a consequence of change; or you choose to rise up, challenge them and confidently move towards the life you desire.

When fear tries to gain a vice like grip on me, I like to play the ‘what if’ game. I essentially work out my fear scenarios if they were to come true by asking the difficult questions.

Try it for yourself — it allows you to create that peace of mind you need, knowing you have a potential solution if any of them were to happen.

While you’re there, flip it over and ask yourself about the best ‘what if’ scenarios were to happen. Try to focus on these and feel your energy rise as your smile takes over.

Fears are just fears, they live in our heads, but they can put our life on hold. So to amuse the mind, I decided long ago to dance with fear when it pays me a visit!

How do I know fears are just fears? Because I’ve pushed through many of them, yet they still appear when I’m trying to take the next step.

I left the security of the payroll 3 years ago to start my own business and I’m still going. I was single with all the financial responsibilities of a big mortgage and running a home. There were more fears than I could shake a stick at!

When you’re determined enough to make your dreams come true, particularly from a place that feels good, and not the obligation we often feel, it is life changing.

Where ever you are on your journey to do more, have more and be more, fear is like your shadow. Fear will always be around, but it’s how you handle it that eventually leads the insights, wisdom and ultimately onto the path of the life you love.

So besides asking yourself some difficult, yet necessary questions, try role play — a powerful exercise I often do with my clients.

You usually want to move through fear because there is some element in your life you are dissatisfied with, and eventually you reach that point of ENOUGH!

You know by now that if you’re on the career ladder, the reason you’re in your job is because you chose to be. You said yes. Whether you like it, or not, somewhere along the way you invited it into your life.

You do have a choice.

Go confidently in being the leader of your own life. Try not to let your loved ones blur your vision. They have your best interests at heart and want to protect you. Your beliefs surrounding your work are in your head, and there’s often little or no evidence to back it up.

It won’t be a bed of roses along the way, but knowing you will be wiser, more experienced, and happier because you moved from your dissatisfaction.

Let’s remind ourselves that action speaks louder than words. I encourage you to go after all you desire. Be a creature of choice and pursue the life you long for.


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