Breaking the Gender Bias: How to Support Women in Tech

Simple ways to help bridge the gender gap in the tech world.

Photo: Pixabay

Women have become more empowered over the years and are continuously growing and expanding their influence in the world. While we have seen many improvements in the fight for equality for women in the workforce, it cannot be denied that there are still plenty of things that we can do to bridge the gender gap.

This month, much have been shared on how we can support women in the tech world. Here are my take:

Don’t be rude

This may sound too simple, but sometimes people tend to neglect just how powerful words and actions are no matter how insignificant they seem on the surface. A mere condescending comment like, “What made you choose such a manly profession?”, even if you think it’s harmless, is actually enough to influence the kind of prejudice that plague the social norm.

Women in the tech, if anything, should be complimented as it is indeed uncommon, therefore, should be encouraged by simply treating them with respect. The point is to be sensitive with your opinions and comments, as you would be careful not to offend anyone of a different race, religion, and the like.

Exercise your influence through mentoring or sponsorship

If you are in a position of influence in your company or organization, you can strengthen the gender equality advocacy by creating opportunities for mentorship or sponsorship. Provide valuable tips and training for women subordinates in order for them to further hone their abilities. For sponsorship, if a woman in your company is performing well, provide more exposure for her to exercise her influence.

Workshops for women interested in IT is also a good way to provide mentorship early on. It will encourage young women who may be thinking twice, or who may be intimidated to enter the industry in the first place.

Give more recognition and credit

A simple act of appreciation goes a long way to support and encourage women in the industry. Make sure you are noticing the efforts and accomplishments of women in your organization, and providing them more room to share their ideas, and praise them for what they have contributed to the company. This will not only lift the bias, but will empower them more to step up, as they would feel more accepted.

Support events that advocate gender equality in the tech industry

Showing up at events like this is a way to exercise your circle of influence in your organization, as you are setting an example. You can even be the one to organize such events, or speak up in one to share your thoughts about the issue, and contribute by suggesting solutions that everyone can begin practicing in their own respective organizations.

Provide more IT contingent opportunities for women

A more upfront way to break gender bias is to
simply consider hiring more women in the team. Give them a chance by being the
one to open that door of opportunity for them to showcase their skills. There
are some AI recruitment technology companies that reduce, if not completely eliminate, conscious and unconscious biases in the hiring process. Only skills and qualifications are
analyzed by a cognitive AI and matches them accordingly without identifying

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