A Tiny Grain of Jealousy Can Profit Much

Contrary to popular misconception, jealousy isn’t so much a ‘high-frequency evil’ as often projected.

Contrary to popular misconception, jealousy isn’t so much a ‘high-frequency evil’ as often projected. Neither is it a dreadful ‘rotten part’ of human character, which every individual should strive to completely rid his or herself of. In fact, a drip of jealousy is an enriching trait, the few enterprising and ambitious people must relate to quite strongly!

Humans are generically wired to be jealous! Even God feels a certain kind of way, when we attempt to split credit for his generosity or share His glory. Don’t act like you don’t recall Him admitting to being a jealous God (as cleverly culled from the bible!)

The awesome preachers do a great job during the weekend, making us understand how we’re designed in God’s image and likeness. So definitely, a little jealousy won’t ferry us all to hell, don’t you think?
How about we recline a bit from the moral policing at Sunday School…?

Jealousy is a cardinal transformational tool if properly handled, but when misused, can result to ‘envy’ (which obviously won’t increase your poll ratings, if you worry so much about making heaven!)

Jealousy awakens the passion to succeed. What stimulates your craving for improvement any better than jealousy does?
You can’t achieve so much if you aren’t jealous of someone!

So why mislead ourselves with the popular mantra of ‘being contented with what we have’, when deep down our spirits, we’re hugely ambitious and earnestly desirous of lofty heights?

While we celebrate successful folks around us who’ve excelled at various endeavors, I consider it totally moral to be slightly jealous of their success; which in turn, enables us re-motivate ourselves in order to improve a lot more at our individual pursuits.

Harboring little trickles of jealousy over other people’s accomplishment in similar pursuits as ours, can ultimately drive us to succeed, by applying whatever positive principle such ‘succeeding individuals’ apply.

Jealousy isn’t an ugly trait, as long as it motivates us to grow a larger willpower to strive for our own success. A tiny grain of envy-free jealousy, can profit so much!

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