A Simple Way to Shed Our Self-Defeating Attitudes When We’re Feeling Stuck

Taking a moment for "micro self-care" can help us course correct.

GaudiLab/ Shutterstock
GaudiLab/ Shutterstock

Sometimes even when we’re writer-fried and undernourished we must keep plugging away to meet writing demands or deadlines. Under writing pressure, we might not have time for substantial commitments for macro self-care, such as exercising at the gym, twenty minutes of meditation, or even walking around the block. 

But there’s always time for thirty seconds of micro self-care to reduce stress and refresh our minds without getting up from our writing stations. One micro self-care exercise lets us strengthen our backs for support and soften our chests for compassion while continuing to write: Pull in your belly button toward your spine and straighten your back as you imagine a string pulling you up from the top of your head. Take a deep belly breath, relaxing your stomach outward and mentally softening your entire body. 

The deep breathing stimulates your rest and digest response, off-setting your stress response, and you feel immediate relaxation. This simple micro self-care exercise clears your mind so you can continue writing with less physical stress. 

Today’s Takeaway

Find quick and simple strategies for self-care to keep you replenished and clear-minded when you’re under writing duress and don’t have time for macro activities.

We enter most situations with a mindset based on our attitude toward ourselves. When we set our sights in a certain direction, we’ll eventually see whatever we expect to see. If we look for misery, we’ll find it. If we look for success, we’ll find success.

Excerpt from Daily Writing Resilience by Bryan E. Robinson, PhD, with permission from the author and publisher.

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