7 Signs You Are In Denial And Need Spiritual Healing

recognizing your resistance and learning to heal from the inside out

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There is A LOT going on in the world right now! 

If you are in the slightest paying attention to all this mass manipulation of consciousness happening in so many arenas from beauty to politics to food to the introduction of artificial intelligence – then you MUST be feeling some type of way inside yourself that is keeping you from pursuing those big old dreams of yours. 

Needless to say people are afraid… 

of what they look like. 

of actually living up to their full potential. 

of changing their eating habits to a diet that might actually help them thrive instead of slowly die. 

of trusting that the future is safe. 

With so many BIG changes in the world happening, one thing people seem to forget is that there is an underground culture of lightworkers, witches, healers, shamans, medicine people, and more holding mass amounts of space for those who are willing and ready to shift into their best self and shine the light from the spaces that were once dark bright as ever! 

Spiritual Healing is getting BIG- with MTV hosting Spencer Pratt’s show “Spencer Pratt Will Heal You” to many other networks hosting shows of healers- there is something big in store- and it’s important to know what’s real and what’s not. Discernment is key, but that’s for another blog on another day. 

The general public is in denial of their need to truly commit to healing- and it is apparent in all types of communities as well, including deep inside the spiritual community. 

So here are seven signs that you’re avoiding healing an issue and you don’t even know… aka denial. 

  1. You often make “you are doing this to me” statements when in heated discussions- i.e. playing the victim: one of the main rules about healing on a holistic level is that you have signed an internal contract and are now 100% responsible for ALL that goes on inside YOU. When you start to play the blame game, no matter how conscious you think you are- you are in need of healing and should really go see someone who is going to show you the deep unconscious patterns that are causing this. 
  2. You are more concerned about the image you portray as a healer on Instagram than actually sharing REAL stories of your own PERSONAL healing experience: if you are posting the perfect pics with the perfect quotes but you’re leaving out that you have a highly codependent relationship or your facing some serious money challenges right now- then you’re in need of healing. Spiritual healing is about embracing the shadow and showing your truth- not pretending that everything is okay. 
  3. You aren’t meditating! Seriously- if you are in the spiritual community and you aren’t meditating EVERYDAY then you’re in need of healing. How can you make strides in consciousness when your mind is trapped in the ego part of you ?
  4. You are focused too much on the material aspect of things and forgetting that everything you need comes from inside you! How many times do we speak our limits around money, relationships, other people. If you are solely focused on what the external is doing then you’re in need of healing, because you’re missing the point of life. 
  5. When someone starts talking about old stories, manifestation, and consciousness your immediate action is to get defensive or deny that it exists- then you’re need of healing. If these concepts scare you and you’re unable to admit to yourself that what you think is what becomes real, and then take action to TRULY practice this, then you’re in need of healing, because denying the truth doesn’t make it not real. 
  6. You are in some type of addiction/escapism pattern from alcohol to drugs to gambling to food to TV binging, then you’re in need of healing. If you keep on choosing self destruction and you’re unaware of it, how will life get any better? It doesn’t matter how subtle it is, if you HAVE to do it, you have an attachment to it, and you’re in need of healing. 
  7. You are creating unnecessary drama with people who are close to you. If you are blaming others for feelings coming thru you, if you are calling people names, stealing, lying, cheating, and continuing to create all types of drama over and over- and THEN blaming it ON the other person- then you are in need of healing! life is meant to be enjoyed and to be peaceful- and unnecessary drama takes us out of this and into our pain body. If you are creating this then you are in need of healing. There are some serious attachments to past stories that you’re bringing into your life that continue to play out over and over until you become aware and change. 

This topic can go so much more deeper. The reason energy healing works for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual because it is a holistic way to approach life. 

Understanding it is easy once you are open to the concept that you are much more than you have been told you are. Healing deep patterns within ourselves goes into our DNA lines as we continue to repeat things our ancestors have done until we don’t- and that takes conscious effort. 

I encourage you to connect with an energy healer today- and I just so happen to be one! 

Lightworker Liv- The Chakra Genie!  

I created my own healing modality to pin point chakra blocks in your energy field and transmute them back into balance thru shamanic breathwork and light visualization. 

My healings are raw, real, and rapidly transforming! 

Check out my website below- and quit denying to yourself that you need healing! Life is so much better when you stop playing victim, masking symptoms, and take responsibility for your energy you bring! 




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