5 Behaviors You Can Start Today…That Will Make You Irresistible for a Promotion

Even if you’re just starting out


Have you ever wondered how some people get promoted over and over again… sometimes in the same year?!

It’s not that they’re smarter than you.

It’s because they make it so easy for people to promote them. Not many people take the time to grow their careers while they are working. Instead people seek and apply for new jobs, go back to school or wait years or decades for someone to retire so they can get promoted.

The secret to getting promoted is to add new behaviors no one else is doing, therefore making you stand out.

Are you ready to make yourself so irresistible to that promotion?

Let’s get started!

1. Document Your Success

Many of us have a short term memory when it comes to our small successes. Best way to highlight and get visibility is to track your successes and results.

After every project and success, you should complete a Summary Write-Up. It should take you 5- 10 minutes and it should include the following:

  • Name of Project/Event
  • Goal
  • Strategies Implemented
  • Results
  • Next Steps
  • Barriers & Challenges
  • Lessons Learned

This will allow you to track successes, projects, outcomes and help you anticipate potential barriers and challenges for future projects. Summary Write-ups can be used during your performance review to highlight your work and expertise.

You can access the Summary Write-Up Template here.

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2. Track Your Productivity

Many of us at the end of the work day feel as if we didn’t accomplish anything. You ask yourself, what did I do today?

You know you did some work… but what exactly? Who knows.

A great way to track your productivity AND make sure you are meeting your KRA’s (Key Results Areas or measurements used to review your performance) is by tracking it. Every day take 1 minute and write down what you did that met or exceeded your performance goals in an excel or Word doc.


KRA Goal: Create Campaigns that drive sales

Tuesday 1/10/2017: Had a call with the team to plan marketing campaign #1 for X service/product

3. Network and Add Value

Networking within your company and industry gains you visibility. Visibility is a great way to get promoted because it spreads your brand to your network and connections. When positions arise and people know you are interested in the position, they’ll be the ones referring you or reaching out to you.

You can network and reach out to:

  • Leadership and peers from other departments and meet for coffee or lunch
  • Colleagues who have the positions you want (whether you know them or not)
  • Other people within the company and be a resource

You can find people by attending:

  • Panels, networking events or meetups
  • Work committees, book clubs, task force, etc…

Ways to add value:

  • Make an introduction
  • Share Best Practices that may be relevant for their position
  • Give an update and share results on any advice or feedback they provided

Access Email Networking Template here.

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4. Act As If

One of the behaviors that is detrimental to your career acceleration is your attitude. If you want the promotion, act as if you already have it. Think and act as if you already have the job.

I had a client who wanted to get promoted to management. So what I had him start doing is identify a problem in his department, create a strategy and collect data (just like a manager would do). He later presented the information to his boss and was given full lead on the project. In February, he will be starting his management position three months after taking action and initiative just by following these behaviors.

It may sound like extra work but if you are not prepared to do it, you may not be ready for a promotion. Some people won’t do the work until they are promoted and paid for the responsibility. I get statements like, “I’m not doing the work until they pay me to do it” or “I’m happy to do it if they pay me”.

How does the manager know you are prepared or willing to do manager duties when you haven’t proven yourself? Is like a child asking for a dog claiming “he’s ready to take care of a dog” yet, has his room dirty and never shows any sign they are responsible to take care of their pet.

5. Get Feedback

Always look for ways to improve yourself and ask for feedback. Every time I sit down with my boss for my monthly one-on-one, I ask “What recommendations do you have for me to improve?”. If they say, “Nothing” or “you’re doing a great job” reiterate that you want to get better, want to become a better leader and start getting groomed for the next promotion.

Don’t just get feedback from your boss, ask your: colleagues, customers, partners and co-workers in other departments you work with.

You can easily ask for feedback without sounding weird or needy by sending the following email after an encounter:

“Hi X,

It was great working with you yesterday on Y project. (short sentence about project results).

I value your feedback and I’m looking for ways to improve. Is there anything I can do for the future that will improve our work together? I want to make sure our work together is maximized for the future. I look forward to working with you on many more projects.

Thanks in advance for taking the time and giving me feedback.

Warm Regards,



“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn

You already have all the resources needed to get promoted now you just need to take action. You’ll be standing out from the herds of people who do nothing and complain they can’t get ahead.

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