Trista Signe Ainsworth

Professional Organizer

I am a Certified Advanced International Organizing Professional and a Certified Aging in Place Designer.

I see the beauty in each and every room of your home. That’s the first thing that I see when I walk in. I see the lovely details, I see the love and energy in your home.

De-cluttering and letting go of things is a personal growth experience. I patiently guide you through this experience through one on one work in your home, or long distance coaching.


My power is one to trust and to really understand people. I truly feel their energy and their hearts. I can feel what's going on energy wise when I am with a person.

I believe that every person is different and their needs will be different. I have a general process to guide them through, but I can pivot and change based on what I am feeling from that person.

I love parties! I love planning menus, having people enjoy celebrations in my home. I love cooking and baking as well. I love ironing. (I know, weird). I love my garden but it's no fuss. I love the outdoors and being in nature. I love minimalism and I keep subtracting what doesn't work in our home. I love going out to eat and trying new restaurants. I especially love world travel! I love having a "special snack" once a week with my son where we tell stories together. This is why I love to help clients clear their entertainment areas in their homes so that they can enjoy more parties and celebrations together.

I love to dress up every day, do my makeup and wear red lipstick. You will most often find me wearing a dress or a skirt, even when I am working from home. It makes me feel joyful and alive to dress up.

I have let go of having to "be everywhere" and "do everything." I am having more trust in life & spirit to always be there for me when I need them. I let it go and trust. I help clients let go of extra things in their homes that may be holding them back from their true potential.

People can trust that I will be on time, or most often early. I love to bring gifts. I love to be dependable and organized and bring the right supplies.

De-cluttering extra furniture and rearranging living spaces to make your home more peaceful and ready for guests is what I love to do. I enjoy using what is already in the home to make spaces function better. There are already so many great pieces in client’s homes that can be put to use.

I grew up seeing my grandparents live with us in our home (in a basement apartment designed by us for them) and enjoy having family and friends around for a long time. My grandma was able to age in place in our home within her own space until she was past 90 years old. That is why I love to work with people to design spaces they can live in and enjoy up into their later years.

Holistic space creation is what I love to help clients with. I help clients find peace, freedom and joy in their homes. They are now able to enjoy more time in their homes and share their spaces with others, knowing that there is an abundance of time and lots of joy in minimalism.

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Lessons from the Garden

by Trista Signe Ainsworth
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