Richard Layard

Richard Layard is an economist who thinks there is more to happiness than just the economy. In 2005, he wrote the best-selling book Happiness: Lessons from a New Science, translated into 20 languages. He has had huge influence on making psychological therapy more widely available in Britain’s National Health Service, and in 2014 co-authored Thrive on how we can secure a better deal for mental health. In 2018, he co-authored The Origins of Happiness – an analysis of what determines our happiness, based on a range of longitudinal datasets. Richard’s new book, Can we be Happier? The Evidence and Ethics, explores how teachers, managers, health professionals, couples, community leaders, economists, scientists, politicians, and we as individuals can create a happier world. He is also co-founder of Action for Happiness, an international movement to promote a happier way of living.

Richard Layard is emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and currently heads its Wellbeing Research Programme.

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Thriving in the New Normal//

Can We Be Happier?

by Richard Layard
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Work Smarter//

How Employee Happiness Affects Your Bottom Line, and What to Do About It

by Richard Layard
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Someone Else’s Success Won’t Lessen Yours

by Richard Layard, David M. Clark
The Thrive Global Questionnaire//

A Best-Selling Author and Economist Shares His Morning Routine

by Richard Layard
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