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Luke Lazarus

Founder and CEO

Luke Lazarus, a businessman of great ambition and even greater knowledge, uses his business savvy to help evolving companies prosper. When partnering with CEOs, Lazarus intends to identify, define, and address their goals in order to bring them to life. Lazarus also uses his expertise to help companies develop a sound business model, set priorities, and pinpoint contributing factors. His reputation for excellence has earned him an honorable name in his domain.

As a young adult, Lazarus was already on the road to success. By the age of 24, he graduated from Melbourne Business School with an MBA. Within 10 years, Lazarus established and sold four profitable enterprises. This experience enabled Lazarus to forge relationships with startups that were keen to expand. With his guidance, Lazarus felt that he could arm clients with the insight and tools that they needed to thrive. He’s proven incredibly successful on this front and relishes the opportunity to use his know-how for good.

Though Lazarus is currently an esteemed mogul, he wasn’t always the confident titan of industry that he is today. When he was first getting his start, Lazarus admits that he spent too much time worrying. His obsession with hypotheticals led to many headaches. If he could go back in time, Lazarus would rid himself of the stress and anxiety that plagued many of his efforts. These days, Lazarus focuses on designing solutions to problems rather than dwelling on them.

With so many feathers in his cap, many wonder how Lazarus has remained so fortunate. According to Lazarus, productivity and organization contribute significantly to his success. He’s also a strong proponent of mediating, which is why he uses the first 15 minutes of his day to practice mindfulness. If not for his commitment to meditation, Lazarus claims that he would struggle to stay on track.

Throughout his career, Lazarus has experienced his fair share of failure. While he wishes that he could have done things differently, Lazarus is ultimately grateful for the shortcomings he endured. He chooses to look at them as learning experiences as opposed to failed attempts. Though he’s certainly more seasoned now, Lazarus knows that he’s bound to miss the mark a time or two. However, with a healthy dose of determination and resilience, Lazarus knows that he’ll make great strides in whatever he pursues.

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