Denise Bertolotti

Holistic Life Coach

Denise Bertolotti is a teacher, animal rescuer, wellness coach and speaker. She is also the mother of 2 rabbits, Peanut and Tater Tot. She found her passion in life through them and proudly volunteers with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group in New York. Denise coordinates community relations, schedules volunteers, events, and adoptions, and works with foster and special needs rabbits.


Through her coaching, Denise helps people find their happiness, learn to manage stress and remove toxic products, people and circumstances from their lives. She empowers her clients to replace the toxicity with natural, positive products and people.


A public school teacher for 14 years and counting, Denise offers personal and professional development workshops and coaching, specific to teachers and other school staff. This content is designed to help education professionals work through the pressures of the current climate in education and develop themselves to, in turn, better serve their students and school community. Denise also sits on the Board of Directors for the Long Island Farm Sanctuary.

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Why my life looks and feels the way it does right now!

Why I Stopped Eating Meat & Why I’ll Never Bug You to do the Same

by Denise Bertolotti
Getting in some outside time with my dog-cousin Sabrina

3 Ways to Convert your August into an Eternal Summer

by Denise Bertolotti
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