Davia Ward

Company Owner at Healthcare Partners Consulting and Billing, LLC


Davia Ward is based in Camden, NC, and works as the CEO and Professional Medical Biller for Healthcare Partners Consulting (HPC). She has over two decades of experience in the industry.

Mrs. Ward launched her company in order to address the stress of medical billing for healthcare systems. Medical billing is an extremely complex chore that changes often. For those who aren’t experienced in the industry, it can be too much to handle. She knows that doctors and other providers struggle when they have to balance medical billing with providing the best possible care for their patients. Davia Ward knows that patients deserve their doctor’s valuable time. Her company helps free them up to spend more time with their patients.

Mrs. Ward has led a unique career. First she worked as an insurance clerk, and later became a registered nurse. She studied law as a paralegal to better her understanding of medical office management. She later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

As a nurse, Mrs. Ward dedicated herself to helping patients feel better. She started to realize how stressful the billing process was. This caused her to found HPC Billing. Now she can help alleviate stress by handling medical billing. This way her patients could focus on getting healthier while she interacted with their providers.

Davia Ward’s company helps alleviate financial stress so patients can lead a healthier life. This idea has also inspired her interest in coaching others on how to lead their best lives. She’s especially passionate about helping others reducing their anxiety. She also helps others through humanitarian work. She’s on an active member and Secretary of the Board of Directors for A Time to Dance USA. This non-profit helps military families share their talents onstage.

To learn more about Davia Ward and keep up with her thoughts, visit DaviaWard.net

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