Dasha Maximov, CEO of WhealthCo

Dasha Maximov



Dasha Maximov lived the vibrant, thrilling, exhausting 100+ hour workweek management consultant lifestyle for 9 years. She worked in strategy, operations, and mergers and acquisitions across various industries from oil and gas to beauty to retail stores. Exhilarating and energetic as the job was, it took a toll on her health. 

After leaving management consulting to pursue her masters in neuroscience, Dasha had an unfortunate brain injury that left her with chronic headaches for more than 14 months. After specialists could not find a reason, Dasha took matters into her own hands and started to ‘biohack’ her mind and body. From yoga teacher training, to apprenticing at an ayurvedic hospital, to Vipassana 10-day silent retreats, to the latest advances in aging and recovery sciences including nootropics, hyperbaric oxygen, IV therapy, plant based medicine, metabolomic health testing, Dasha witnessed the beauty of each modality and how each have a place in each of our health journeys depending on where we are. They are each part of the journey and are tools in the toolbox of our health. Dasha witnessed firsthand the power of becoming informed about your health, and of leaning on your community to help elevate and give clues as to what to try next. 

After organizing the largest health conference in Europe in 2019, she realized that there was not enough evidence based information for women. While there’s a lot of health info for men and / or agnostic of genders, there was not a space solely dedicated for women to learn the latest science and to try the latest products. She created Women’s Health Community, WhealthCo, to foster that playground for us to learn, connect, test, and push forward women’s research from a citizen science standpoint. 


Dasha is a constant seeker of knowledge. She’s always searching for ways to work together to push forward on health, seeking the win-win in each situation. Besides running WhealthCo, she enjoys advising and connecting companies in her two areas of passion, women’s health and brain health.

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The good news about 2020

by Dasha Maximov
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