Ciara Jean Roberts

Nutritionist, yoga teacher and writer

Ciara Jean Roberts is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Writer and Inspirational Speaker based in London. She founded her passion, Wholly Aligned, a company set up to help others through the wisdom of yoga and nutrition, in 2013, after stepping away from a hectic and successful career in private banking.

Through this wisdom of yoga and nutrition, Ciara works with people to help each person embrace their own true healthfulness. She is currently completing her first book, ‘Wholly Aligned, Wholly Alive: Awakening your Inner Physician’, charting her amazing personal health journey and the teachings she has received from her own kidneys. She very much advocates taking responsibility for one’s own health in order for each person to feel as well as possible from a place of courage and understanding. She has written and featured in a number of publications including Yoga Magazine, Journal of Kidney Care, Elephant Journal, Good Housekeeping and Top Sante and aired a Spotlight Show on UK Health Radio.

Having the great fortune to grow up in Zambia where her family had their own vegetable garden and plentiful avocado and banana trees, this planted a seed of wholesome living and connection to the earth.

Ciara contracted a strep throat bacterial infection at the young age of four years old which unusually precipitated a rare form of glomerular nephritis in her kidneys leading to their eventual loss of meaningful function in her early teens. This necessitated haamodialysis which was the treatment for the following seven years until a cadaveric kidney donor was matched to her. With this kidney she had almost two decades of healthy function but a diagnosis of antibody mediated rejection lead to the eventual loss of function in this kidney bringing her to a decision of home peritoneal dialysis. This journey also lead to her creating a life she loves and finding her voice to share her story so you too can awaken your inner physician.

The more Ciara has explored the compassion of her own heart and released herself from buried stories and trauma, the more her life has opened up like a magical treasure chest. She wishes to share this alchemy with you. This is why inspirational speaking has now become such a pillar of her work. She has found her voice through her heart’s wisdom. And so can you.


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