Ameel Sajjad

Ameel Sajjad

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ameel Sajjad is an expert in online marketing. He firmly believes that digital marketing is the best way for clients to reach a larger audience while paying affordable rates, especially when compared to other marketing methods.

Based in Dubai, Ameel Sajjad helps clients with their online marketing needs, which can include assisting them in developing powerful, measurable digital strategies to grow their brand, creating effective social media campaigns that get results, and coming up with the perfect content for paid and organic platforms.

Along the way, he’s learned about workplace wellness and general career advice,

Ameel Sajjad earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Wollongong in Dubai, which he attended from 2014 to 2018.

While in college, he completed an internship at a top-rated marketing company based in Dubai, where he performed administrative duties as well as worked on various projects including a local university’s digital campaign.

Prior to graduation, he created Ameel Sajjad Consulting and began looking for digital solutions to help clients boost to see more interest in their product or services as well as more sales. This advice included suggestions and strategies for ways they can rank higher in search results.

His consultation duties often include educating clients about the value of branding, and in some cases, why they should improve any branding efforts they’re already doing. A better strategy can lead to improved community perception, increased prospects, more conversions, and a better Return On Investment. More importantly, this digital progress can be measured so clients can immediately see that their efforts are making a difference.

Ameel Sajjad works with clients from start to finish on every campaign and makes the tools and terminology easy to understand, from Pay-Per-Click advertising to Search Engine Optimization. He also keeps up with current trends and certifications, everything from visual design to inbound marketing.

Since opening its doors, Ameel Sajjad Consulting has worked with more than 125 clients around the world and has plenty of success stories to tell from each one about marketing and about workplaces. These include contractors, tech firms, start-ups, and more, from Dubai to the European Union and the United Kingdom to the United States.

Some positive results have included:

  • A tech company in Scotland initially ranked at 56 in searches. But after Ameel Sajjad helped with upgrading coding on its site; automated social media postings, email, and blogs; created content in advance; and improve the brand, search ranking was up to No. 2 in two months. The site also saw more traffic as well as an increase in new accounts.
  • A start-up hosting company in the U.S. received suggestions on how to build their digital brand, refine their ideal audience and attract clients. They also received a market analysis that led to a targeted online promotion to build interest that included a trial social media campaign, design templates, and future discounts. The client signed up 10 independent businesses that wanted this service as well as a national organization that owned 50 others.

Ameel Sajjad’s commitment to clients and abilities to focus on all things digital – including design – has already led Ameel Sajjad Consulting to become one of the higher-ranked agencies of its kind in the City of Dubai. The firm has also won a variety of awards for site design and overall innovation in marketing.

He’s excited to move beyond technology to be able to help people’s lives through wellness and offering overall corporate advice.

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