The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues have been a great concern all over the world. Recently we have seen an increase in the number of suicides in the younger generation. Causes might be many but the power of control is in our hands. We have quite become accustomed to our surroundings dealing with mental happiness. Mental health is […]

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mental health

Mental health issues have been a great concern all over the world. Recently we have seen an increase in the number of suicides in the younger generation. Causes might be many but the power of control is in our hands. We have quite become accustomed to our surroundings dealing with mental happiness. Mental health is such a strong issue that leads us to a dangerous situation if we overlook it. This is now spreading all over the world. Some developed countries are still under threat. By spreading awareness about it, we can eradicate or deal with such issues. 

According to WHO, two of the most common mental health conditions (depression and anxiety) cost the global economy $1 trillion each year. As there is a stigma about it around the corner, some don’t get the scope to discuss this issue. It deteriorates your life in every sphere. This article will help you to know about the type of mental health disorders, their causes, and also the treatment we need to overcome this issue. If you are facing any issues related to mental happiness or want to help your surroundings, this article can be a very helpful guide. After all, this is an accumulative effort, we all need others’ supports. Let’s see some of the mental health disorders that lead us to mental illness. 

Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorder is a specific condition that damages your thinking capacity, feeling, and also changes your behavior. It can sometimes be intermittent or chronic. Most of the common mental health disorders are – Anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, psychotic disorder, personality disorder, phobias, and mood disorders. Most of the time we hear depression comes from a mood disorder. Many people still have misconceptions or are unaware of such issues. 

Millions of people have such concerns about mental health issues. Overlooking can lead to mental illness, which is another serious problem. This illness can make your life miserable as well as cause many troubles everywhere. Mental health and physical health both are simultaneously important for us. One mental illness can cause physical health deterioration. We should remember that mental illness and poor mental health are both different terms. We may all have poor mental health including economic issues, long hours of work, relationship conflicts that may be easily diagnosed but diagnosing mental illness including chronic depression, anxiety disorder, frequent mood changes, always feeling miserable, suicidal thoughts could be difficult if overlooked.

Some signs or symptoms can affect our emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Those symptoms include – 

  1. Feeling sad 
  2. Concentration issues
  3. Frequent mood changes 
  4. Worries or fear
  5. Cope with the social circle
  6. Sex drive change
  7. Excessive anger
  8. Hallucination 
  9. Suicidal thoughts

These are some of the most popular symptoms that signal us to take action against it. Let’s see the causes of mental health disorders

Mental Health Disorder Causes

This is caused mainly by genetic factors or environmental issues. There is no single cause of mental health disorders. A number of factors lead to this illness. 

  1. Genetic traits coming from the family
  2. Childhood dark past like abuse
  3. Chemical imbalances in your brain
  4. Brain injury can cause mental health disorder
  5. Excessive alcohol drinking or taking drugs
  6. Making yourself a lonely or isolated person

This is a common illness to every one of us. But untreatment can cause serious problems for us. It affects our emotional, behavioral, thinking changes. Some of the complications we face by mental illness are –

  1. Family or relationship conflicts
  2. Isolation 
  3. Feeling unhappiness
  4. Issues with social gathering
  5. Distaste from alcohol, drugs, or excessive drinking
  6. Financial issues
  7. Suicidal thoughts including self-harm
  8. Less grade in school or colleges 
  9. A poor result in work
  10. Heart disease and other medical issues

Mental Health Treatment

Mental illness is such an addictive issue that can lead us to something dangerous. If we overlook it, we are also in peril. Whatever the small issue is, we should always take care of such issues. Only spreading awareness can save millions of people, especially younger people. Irrespective of the illness, there is no such particular medical health treatment. Some may take medicine, others need social support or education. But first, everybody needs to realize if they are facing mental health disorders. 

If you are feeling intense illness, then you should definitely go to see a doctor. As they are experienced in this field, they can give you proper treatments. Some of the popular treatments are brain stimulation therapy, meditation, meditations, group discussions, social activities, exercise, etc. Above all, we need to root out the stigma around mental health. We are still acquainted with social taboos. If your special person is having such an issue, it would be better to have an open discussion. By being transparent in conversation, the issue can be resolved. Otherwise, the root will be eradicated. You can also cheer them on or find a mental health expert doctor.

More awareness can root out the problem. As much as we are getting knowledge about the mental health causes, treatment, etc, we are being knowledgeable that can lead to a positive community. There have been many initiatives from many NGOs, non-profit organizations all over the world. If there is no one and you want to try your own, then reading articles, books, or medical journals can help you at the utmost level. As we are proceeding towards a more complex society, it is wise to be prepared to deal with all the situations that come our way.   


As the number of mental health disorders is increasing, many initiatives about the importance of mental health awareness have been spreading all around the world. WHO has taken initiative to ensure access to quality and affordable mental health care by launching the universal health coverage which is WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health (2019-2023): Universal Health Coverage for Mental Health. This is an accumulative effort. Without another, the initiative cannot be succeeded. Before everything else, we should improve our understanding of the case and reduce stigma about it.

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