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12 Digital Wellbeing Trends That Will Change The World In 2020

by Juan Sanchez

How I Overcame My Smartphone Addiction Without Completely Disconnecting Myself From The World.

by Bob Jones
By BlueBoeing/Shutterstock

Researchers Say 1 in 4 Kids Have A Problematic Relationship With Their Phones

by Deb Goncalves

How to Break Smartphone Addiction and Reconnect with Reality

by Davide Donghi
SDI Productions / Getty Images

Airlines Are Saying Goodbye to Seatback Screens — and I’m Saying Bon Voyage to My In-Flight Serenity

by Margarita Bertsos
Courtesy of one line man/Shutterstock

The Majority of Millennials Are Unable To Do This Simple Thing Because of Their Phone Addictions

by Kyle Schnitzer
How To Stop Checking Your Smartphone

5 Ways To Stop Checking Your Smartphone 100 Times A Day

by Caroline Castrillon

Dads: This Father’s Day Use Analog-Era Wisdom to Help Digital Kids Live in the Moment

by Brian Solis

Smartphone Addiction Causes an Imbalance in the Brain That Makes People Tired and Anxious

by Aliza

What we have become? Is Smartphone Addiction REAL or another FAD?

by Juan Sanchez
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