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5 Ways Parenting Has Changed In the Past Decade

by Madison Medeiros
By BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock

Nicole Kidman Says ‘There’s No Right and Wrong’ When It Comes to Motherhood ‘Just Different Children’

by Julie Sprankles
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Holiday Self-Care Tips When You (or Someone You Love) Have a Chronic Illness

by McKenzie Schwark
By fizkes/Shutterstock

How to Teach Kids Gratitude — Not Entitlement

by Claire Gillespie
by Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Lauren Conrad Reveals Her Secret to Juggling Motherhood and Work

by Bonnie Azoulay
By Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Kristen Bell Wishes She’d Opened Up Sooner About Her Mental Health Struggles: I Was ‘Irresponsible’

by Alesandra Dubin
By Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

Swedish Parenting Secrets We All Need to Learn

by Jane Chertoff
By Zivica Kerkez/Shutterstock

How to Get a Handle on Holiday Depression

by Elizabeth Yuko, Ph.D.
By Fotokostic/Shutterstock

Why I Don’t Want My Kids to Be “the Best” at Anything

by Amber Leventry
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Emotional Well-being//

4 Things That Happened When I Did an Emotional Detox

by Claire Gillespie
By WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are ‘Entitled’ to Time Off, According to Archbishop

by Bibi Deitz
Courtesy of GoodStudio/Shutterstock

7 Better Ways to Discipline Your Kids, According to Psychologists

by AnnaMarie Houlis
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