Relationship with Technology

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Be Where Your Feet Are

by Tom Alaimo
Free coParenting apps are never really free

4 Dangers of Free Co-parenting Apps

by David Chartier
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I’m a Social Media Addict — Here’s What Happened When I Quit Instagram and Facebook for a Week

by Jennifer Still
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How Teachers Thrive//

I’ve Learned How I Work Best as a Teacher, and It Didn’t Happen Overnight

by Andrea Farmer
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I Keep Losing My Phone, and Honestly, I Couldn’t Be Happier

by Katie Santamaria
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Mindful Screening//

Parenting While Distracted

by Arianna Huffington
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How to Defeat Distractions in 5 Minutes

by Matt Sandrini
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Thrive on Campus//

Debunking This Myth Can Help Improve Our Relationship With Social Media

by Shreya Mapadath
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Why I Stopped Clicking the “Like” Button

by Anna Lannstrom, Ph.D.
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How to Reduce Screen Time and Create a Smarter Relationship With Technology

by Carina Bonasera
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How to Deal When a Slow Workday Stresses You Out

by Carina Bonasera
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Unplug & Recharge//

Your Love for Selfies Is Harming You in a Major Way. Here’s What You Can Change.

by Child Mind Institute
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