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8 Ways to be Present With Your Kids

by Dana Baker-Williams
Image by SetsukoN/ Getty Images
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Broadway Performers are Losing Patience with Celebrities On Their Phones During Shows

by Rebecca Muller

A Guide to Protecting Your Beloved iPhone Screen

by Brandon Leuangpaseuth

The Age of the Attention Economy

by Jason M. Kingdon

Why You Should Doodle On Your Next Big Phone Call

by The Conversation
The Thrive Questionnaire//

I Work Hard, But I Refuse to Let Myself Burn Out

by Natalia Nastaskin

Text Neck: 4 Techniques to Hold Your Phone and Avoid This Painful Condition

by Zeena Dhalla
Photo Credit:	chameleonseye/Getty Images

This is the Number One Reason Families Argue, New Research Found

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