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Hannah Busing / Unsplash

Your Minimalist Habits Will Fail If You Don’t Do These 3 Things

by Shana Sanusi

Why change is so hard and how pleasure gets in the way of our desires

by Sara Hallberg

What Running Teaches Us About Adopting a Plant-based Diet

by Diana Goldman
vector image of people caring about the world and the environment to prevent climate change

Tackling the Effects Of Climate Change: A Change in Lifestyle!

by Syeda Gul e Khansha
Two hammocks and a red sky: living off the grid

Why urban life is making you miserable and how to find stability off the grid

by Lauren Laporte

The Raw & Real Series: God Says it’s Time

by Dr. Venus Opal Reese
5 simple steps to healthy living

5 Simple Steps to Healthy Living

by Emma Lunsford
body image fix

Body Image Fix: 4 Lifestyle Changes to Make That a Reality

by Mubashir Mazhar
Mike Young

How To Turn Any Obstacle Into Strength and Success With Mike Young

by Nathan Ray Ortega
Photo by ANGELA BENITO on Unsplash
Thrive on Campus//

Saving the Planet Student-Style

by Rebecca Joyce
minimalist lifestyle

How to Be Stress-Free When Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

by kanini jehna
A boy sitting in sorrow

Feeling Low? Incorporate these Methods to Uplift your Mood

by Michelle Breitstein
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