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A photograph of a group of Diversability community members walking in New York City’s 2018 Disability Pride Parade. Four people are holding a Diversability banner. Another person is holding a sign that reads “disability rights are women’s rights are human rights.” This sign is written in all capital letters, and “human rights” is underlined twice.

Why We are Proud to be Disabled

by Diversability

Virtual Events – Do we like them? Do they work?

by Lucille Whiting
Preparing for Death Writing Last Will and Testament Chantel Soumis

5 Lessons Learned From Writing My Own Obituary

by Chantel Soumis

Educator and mom of two’s first book based on her own life and disability

by Amber Mark

Accessibility, workplace diversity and Covid-19

by Lucille Whiting
Professional physically integrated dancer and chair user Lindy “Oji” Dannelley dances in her chair.

“Morning Wiggles” Dance-Based Mental Health Movement Creates Small Moments of Joy Amid Global Pandemic

by Diversability

Special Beings For The Wellness To. . .Be!

by Lauren Clark

The Dancing-Director

by Brian Thomas
By fizkes/Shutterstock
Thrive Global on Campus//

Finding a Job: How Concealing Your Truth Impacts Your Career

by Pam Fisher
By Lucky Business/Shutterstock

When a Physical Disability Keeps You from Getting Mental Health Help

by Heather Morrison

How Raising a Child With a Profound Disability Gave This Family Purpose

by Jennifer Walsh

Empowering People of All Abilities

by Taylor Mercuri
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