Deep Breaths

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This Breathing Practice Will Literally Calm You Down in Under a Minute

by Ashrita Furman
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This is What Kept the Thai Boys Calm While Trapped in a Cave

by Rebecca Muller

5 Breathing Exercises to Calm Anxiety

by Stephanie Dalfonzo

Let’s Talk Coping Mechanisms & Substance Abuse: Three Ways Yoga Helps Me Overcome the Darkest of Days

by Macey Bernstein

Relax Within The Effort

by Elizabeth Bishop

Breathwork: WTF Just Happened

by Rebecca Kordecki

Exploring the Transformative Tools of a Thought Coach

by Ora Nadrich
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Try This Simple Meditation Technique to Reduce Stress

by Leo Babauta

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Energy On Purpose So You Can Thrive At Work And Life

by Prakhar Verma
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This Navy SEAL Breathing Technique Will Immediately Calm Your Nerves

by Melanie Curtin
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How To Use Meditation To Lower Your Anxiety

by Talkspace
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5 Physical Activities That Can Boost Your Mental Strength Right Now

by Amy Morin
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