Zhou Xuan’s Watering Of Flowers and Human Nature, In Moonlight’s Time!

How One Of China's "Seven Great Singing Stars,"-ZHOU XUAN-Revealed The Silent Intimacies Between Flowers, Humanity's Natural Rhythm, and Moon's Delight, In Her Song, "Blooming Flowers Full Moon!"

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Flowers and moons appear to go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Interesting how our floral arrangements and dichotomy come to depict this intriguing language. Its silent. Its secret. Just imagine flowers and moons having this intriguing passion in understanding, and relating, to each other. For starters, we can’t help, but to understand just how sacred the blooming of flowers truly are. During the height of their blossoming phase, we get the opportunity to observe their power and unique aura. There are certain things about flowers, which serve as patterns for the greatness of Universal artistry. They are a blessing to the very eyes, and what’s even more is how they reflect certain patterns and artistic endeavors; permitting observers to enter into a world of beauty. In fact, flowers are the trend setters for fashion, and feminine aesthetics. To such a degree they establish the blueprint for how women are to personify, and represent, them. Its why there are different cultures, and representations, of the feminine culture and essence. Its a beautiful vibe and Spirit, and reflections on the wealth of feminine aesthetics.

Then, we have the Moon. Within that very essence, we are granted the power in understanding what it truly means to render our very essence into the intimacies of the Moonlight! Place flowers and the moon together, and you gain an interesting conversation, that very few people have explored. Just think of those secret conversations, which happen within the course of night. How do flowers respond to the Moonlight? What do they sense that we do not pay attention to? Then, of course, there are the traces of Moonlight? And, that’s when the poetry begins. Creating songs and writing in the course of the moonlight, is lovemaking itself. For that time, and within that given spacing, we come close to sensing the fullest energy of creating in Universal aesthetics and style. It is graceful. Creating, writing, and producing in the course of the Moonlight’s time is gaining a tastes of Heaven’s bliss. You are gaining a taste of Heaven, and that’s real. What does that feel like? How does that feel? What does it mean to relish in the powers and movements of those sacred energies, which kiss the Earth’s surface, during the course of night? Well, you may never know, unless you are there, to experience it. However, should you receive a sample of that, through a song then you have been blessed with a taste of that particular language. Don’t forget how myriad, and diverse, these intimacies are. Remember the number of varieties occurring within flowers because the blooming of Earth’s vegetation is everywhere.

Like her fellow countrywomen, this woman, too, sang vivaciously, and with a precious lens for beauty and restoration. Restoration of the human Spirit, and for those precious Beings in China, who are in need of love and healing; in need of reliving their humanity, in order to comprehend the full impact of their human experience. How are they connected to the Divine, and its marriage with human nature? Well, as usual, it is through the creative arts, and the musical performance of love’s Divine. That’s where it begins. There is glitter in music. Such is a flicker of love and celebration in Heaven’s domain, when certain singers are able to sing such praises back, within the course of the moonlight. As with other great, Chinese legends of the time, she was known as one of the “Seven Great Singing Stars.” Isn’t metaphorical for the very term of a “star” to have been used? Moons, stars, and the whispers of Heaven’s perfumes provides humanity with the comfort, that is needed. For this particular piece, her name was. . .

Zhou Xuan; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Through this song, nature, the Creator, and human beings have become, one! They are dancing through this song, together. What makes it so aesthetically pleasing is how humanity, Divinity, and what has been created, so eloquently come together. it makes perfect sense, and it is beautiful through so many different levels. Furthermore, there is also the issue of, time! Through, time, a people are provided with the opportunity to understand their purpose, and role, in aligning with one’s natural rhythm and glide through Earth! Therefore, a key question, arises. Has the world gotten to a point, where we have gotten off beat with how we are meant to matriculate throughout the Earth? Perhaps, such a reason for why we are stressed, overwhelmed, and filled with such high levels of anxiety. When certain songs are created, how do they permit us to move into a certain beat? You have to ask yourself, when did humanity get to a point where so many of us associated movement with high levels of stress and rigidity?

Listening to the lyrics of the song, one becomes complacent in hearing these treasured secrets, which have been provided by the Universe; via way of the Creator. In fact, we have already been provided with the blue print. Now, it is more of aligning our energies with those natural treasures of Earth’s delight. Our presence on Earth also includes enjoyment of the fruits; especially, when we have labored through them. Music provides us with those sweet pleasures in being able to navigate ourselves back to how we were meant to move throughout Earth’s jewels. Listening to the lyrics and rhythms of the song, “Blooming Flowers Full Moon,” it is clear that this talented and legendary Chinese actress and singer has a particular way of connecting with people. In fact, the lyrics to this song has a way of forcing humanity to engage with such.

The floating, scattered clouds The bright moon shines on the arriving people Today is the most happy reunion Clean and shallow ponds Mandarin ducks playing in the water Red skirts and emerald caps Devoted married couples like double lotus flowers opening In pairs, En en ai ai, a mutual love between spouses This little soft wind blows toward the beautiful flowers

Isn’t it lovely? Simply listen to the words and permit yourself to feel the awakening of love’s delight. How does it feel to experience the wonders and joys of love? How does it feel to immerse oneself in knowing that there is a more natural way in being in tuned with one’s personal journey, and exploration through the moonlight of love’s abundance and nourishment! Its beautiful and surreal. Within the lyrics, there is clearly an affinity for nature, and an appreciation for its decorum. How nature comforts and decorates love is a power in its own right! Listening to the performance of these words, while reflecting on the sacred nature of the Moon, a person comes to comprehend just how fictional and surreal a particular spacing can be.

It is especially intriguing to hear the presence of animals within this lyrical phrasing. Being in one with nature, and imagining how the Moon reflects upon this level of Heavenly magic. Its awakening. Ponder upon that for a moment. Different life forms being in the midst of each others company in order to experience this power of love; of coupling. “Devoted married couples like double lotus flowers opening.” This particular line of poetry, alone, realigns couples to that space of bringing nature to love. Observing ourselves, in order to witness how flowers (and other fruits of the Earth’s vegetation) is realigned with the very fruits and pleasures of wanting to beloved.

Blowing on the good flowers Full of warmth and affection between the people Full of warmth and affection between the people

Of course that is something to find true fulfillment in. Flowers are not only representative of love, but they have the power to channel love, as well. Its intriguing. Furthermore, it creates a level of beauty, and salacious wonder, into how people can experience the love, with the presence of nature. It is a sign of hope, because it shows that we are never really alone. Even during those silent nights, while immersed in solitude, we come to understand how flowers and the healing energies of the moon bring joy and calm into our lives. Its a form of wellness and grace. Lastly, we are brought to understand just how captivating and awake love, and permitting ourselves to love, can truly be.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Listening to the sound of Zhou Xuan, its understandable why she was considered to be the “Golden Voice,” of the “Seven Great Singing Stars.” After all, her voice was clearly eloquent and vibrant, in such a rich texture, that it embodied the radiation of the sun. And, isn’t intriguing that particular relationship with the Moon and the Sun. When Zhou Xuan articulated those high pitches, within her voice, one felt the ray of light, from the sun, even more. Within the song, the instrumentation continues to play on; leaving listeners to imagine the sensory of the story. Its a beautiful thing! Its an intrinsic thing. Our imaginations are allowed to wander. We gain another opportunity to pretend that we are within the comforts of the moonlight. This time around we are able to embrace that love for ourselves, before it comes to wrap us around in the comforts of another. And, when we experience this embrace, just remember the gentility of those flowers, whose love blesses, our space!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

To listen to more of the musical work, by ZHOU XUAN, you may click on the following link:

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